The Bear Takes His Mate

By: Emma Devine

Contains these 12 stories!

It Bearly Fits

The Bear’s Lust

First Time with the Bear

Taken by the Billionaire Bear

Taken by the Alpha Bear

Bearing His Seed

Joined with the Bear

First Ride with the Bear

Heat of the Bear

Bearing His Heat

Alpha Bear’s Lust

Getting Lucky with the Bear

It Bearly Fits

“Fuck me harder!” I screamed, certain I was waking up everyone in the state. He obliged, completely filling me now, his gigantic cock plunging in and out of my sopping wet pussy. I knew my roommate would hear, but I didn’t care. All that mattered was his rock-hard, throbbing cock impaling me.

I grasped the sides of my bed as he fucked me, sending bursts of pleasure throughout my body. I could feel my orgasm begin to build as he fucked me even harder than before. He grasped my legs firmly as he moved, starting to lose control himself. I screamed as my orgasm rose to the surface, engulfing everything in a whirlwind of pleasure.

“Jamie? Get up, you have to go to work!” came my roommate’s voice.

I opened my eyes and found myself in bed, sunlight streaming through my window. I looked around for my lover, but didn’t see him anywhere. I sighed and got out of bed. It was just another dream.

I’d been having dreams like that for weeks now. Ever since I turned 18, I’ve been having these strange fantasies. I’ve never been with a man before, and every time I see one I think is sexy, I tend to dream about him that night.

I don’t know what the deal is, but I just can’t help myself. Fortunately Claire, my roommate, hasn’t found out about these wet dreams. Thank God we don’t share the same room anymore.

I slid out of bed, exhausted. I’d been up all night working on some stuff and completely forgot I had work in the morning. Claire had already left the apartment when I got to the kitchen so I sat alone, thinking about how nice it would be to be holding hands right now with the man of my dreams.

I looked down at my body and sighed. That would never fucking happen. I was a plus size girl. I knew all the handsome guys wanted skinny, petite girls with big tits. Even if I saw a handsome guy and somehow mustered up the courage to talk to him, I wouldn’t stand a chance. I’d get turned down in a second.

I knew it was my fault I was chunky. All throughout high school I had a weight problem. My parents would have me eat the most unhealthy shit you can imagine. Oreos for breakfast, burgers for lunch, ice cream for dinner. At the time, I didn’t know any better.

But when I started losing more and more friends and watching the few I still had get boyfriends, it finally hit me. Unfortunately it wasn’t until senior year I noticed my weight, and by then it was too late. I had wasted four years in love with food instead of a guy.

Fortunately, the problem is much better now. I’ve lost a lot of weight since high school. But I’m still very chunky, to the point where I hate going out of the house. I can’t go to parties or any social gatherings because I know people will make fun of my weight.

Claire has invited me to lots of parties, but I’ve had to turn them down. I’m not going to go to a party where I know I can’t lose my virginity. Even drunk guys won’t do me. I would just have to keep trying to lose weight, even though it’s become harder and harder.

I glanced at the clock in the kitchen. Only 8:40. I could get to work on time if I hurried. I grabbed an apple out of the fridge and raced out the door and into my car. My car was a real piece of shit, but ever since I’d gotten my job, I’d come to rely on it.

Unfortunately it had the bad habit of shitting out every once in a while. This was going to be one of those times. No matter how much I tried to start the stupid thing, it wouldn’t. I slammed my hands into the steering wheel, pissed off.

In the four months I’d been working, I’d already been late three times. My boss told me that if I was late another time I would either get demoted or even fired. I was pretty much fucked now, and I knew it.

I tried starting it one more time but of course it didn’t work. I heard a car door slam and glanced out the rearview mirror. I noticed someone approaching my car. My heart started to pound. I didn’t know anyone who lived here except for Claire. It was only me and this other car in this parking lot.

Looking back on it, you could say I overreacted just a little bit. But I wasn’t used to people randomly approaching me or my car. I always read stories about people getting dragged out of their car and having it stolen, or people killing people in their own cars. And it didn’t help that I didn’t live in the best neighborhood in the world.

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