The Alpha's Domination(10)

By: Sam Crescent

“Finish your drink and then we’re going.”

“Can I ask you a question?” Her brown eyes were wide as she stared at him.

“Yes,” he said, taking a seat.

“Why now? Why wait a year to put me in this position?”

He smiled. “I’ve finally had enough of our games. You’re holding back from me, and that I don’t like. I’ve played it your way and gotten fuck all out of it. It’s time to play it my way, and I’m going to do that now.”

She finished her drink leaving a tiny amount of soda in the bottom.

“Why haven’t you finished your drink?” he asked.

“I have.”

Daniel pointed at the remnants she left in the glass. “If I drink that it’ll make a noise with the straw, and if I pull out the straw, it’ll make a mess on the side.”

He stood taking her hand. There was more to that explanation. His gut was telling him he wouldn’t like what she had to say.


Daniel’s house was old and huge. He stopped outside a large iron gate and typed in a code that opened those imposing gates. She looked behind her to see the gates close up after him. They shut closed, trapping her inside the grounds with Daniel. There were worse people to be locked up with.

Mother’s one of them.

She shut off her thoughts and turned to face the front. He drove down a really long driveway that was surrounded by large, thick trees.

“The house has been in the family for generations.”

“Were you all wolves?” she asked, glancing toward him.

“Yes. Some of my ancestors married humans and moved away and others stayed close.”

“Where are your parents now?” she asked.

“They’re enjoying a much needed vacation. They’re exploring Europe, visiting with some packs they’ve not had the pleasure of seeing in years.” He tapped the steering wheel as he talked.

“How did you take over as alpha?”

He smiled. “My dad told me it was time to take the spot. He was getting old, and he said a true alpha knows when to step aside and bring in a new one. I was the next in line, and so I stepped up to the role.”

“What about the other men in your pack? Weren’t they annoyed to be passed over by you?”

“Some of the men challenged me in battle. I won, but I always refused to do battle to the death. I don’t want anyone’s blood on my hands.”

She tensed at his words.

I’ve got blood on my hands.

Staring out of the window she gasped as his house came into sight. It was so huge she doubted she’d have to see him for days at a time. They could play hide and seek and still miss each other.

“This is your house?” she asked, amazed.

“Yeah. The pack can come and go as they please. Don’t worry, they know not to come here until further notice.”

She climbed out of the car once he brought it to a stop.

“You’re amazed? Did you think I lived somewhere small?” he asked, coming to stand beside her.

“I was thinking a cabin somewhere out in the sticks. I didn’t even imagine this.”

“Does it make my mating claim more appealing?” he asked.

She turned to look at him. “I’m not a gold digger, and neither do I hope to make a claim on anything.”

“I didn’t say you did. Sometimes, female wolves like to see that they can be taken care of. Does your wolf like what she sees?” He stood right behind her with his palm lightly resting on her back.

Dawn paused as she listened to her wolf.

“No, we don’t think you’re a better catch or anything. We’re worried what you owning this big house means.”

“Why would it mean anything?”

“You’d be surprised how dangerous large houses and big men are.” She stared up at the house feeling … happy, safe? Dawn didn’t know which emotion to trust or to savor. Daniel wouldn’t hurt her. He’d been her Dom for a year and he never left her scared, nervous but never scared.

“I’m going to know all of those secrets you’re hiding,” he said.

“They’re not secrets.” They’re just memories of a time I’d like to forget.

He leaned in close. She felt his breath across her cheek. Her body tightened with the heat of him. Inside her wolf started to growl, wanting to get a little closer to his body. What would it be like to strip naked and turn? To run with him in the wild of the forest without anyone to hear her thoughts? She’d stopped running in the forests back at home as the connection of the pack allowed them to access her thoughts if she was close enough. They would all be repulsed by her if they knew the truth. She didn’t hold any doubt that they’d cast her out as if she didn’t exist in her parents’ world.

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