Swirl Fantasy

By: Jasmyne Jackson


I loved my twin boys, but they were a handful to raise on my own. Their father, Kenny, wanted nothing to do with them, which was a shame. The five year olds were amazing. Every day they showed me what it really meant to be alive. When they laughed or cried, they did it with all their heart and soul. I sometimes wished I could see the world through their eyes because it would make everything a lot more tolerable.

Unfortunately, at twenty-three years old, I understood how the world really worked. Their dad had no job, but he never watched them or helped at all. Well, he did fight to get the boys during the holidays. As I waited for him in a gas station parking lot, I hoped the boys had a good Fourth of July. Their father was an asshole in every sense of the word, but I usually gave in when he wanted to see his children.

Kenny’s parents were rich and usually ended up watching the children. I missed them when they left, but having a break every once in a while was nice. Before becoming a single mother, I’d never realized all the trouble that came with the job title. His brand new Mercedes Benz pulled in and parked beside me. When he got out of the car and smiled without a care in the world, I took a deep breath and tried to control my anger.

He had fought me twice for full custody of the children. Luckily, the judge sided with me both times. The first occasion it was close, but for the second one he showed up high as fuck on crack or something. Everyone noticed. While he had given up trying to get custody for the moment, I didn’t put it past him to try it again. Both him and his parents would love to see me suffer more. They were rich assholes.

I got out of my car and put on a smile for the boys. After they were unbuckled, they rushed over, throwing their arms around me. It was the little moments that reminded me how much I loved them. After the hug, they opened the back of my minivan and climbed in by themselves. Kenny handed me their bags. I wanted to smack the smile off his face, but I controlled myself.

“Thanks,” I said, turning to put the bags in the back.

“I called you yesterday,” he said, hovering over me.

“I know.”

“You didn’t answer. Busy with another guy?”

“What?” I hissed, hoping it wasn’t loud enough for the boys to hear. “Are you kidding me?”

“I just thought…”

“That’s your problem,” I interrupted. “Stop thinking about me. When you cheated on me and started smoking rock again, I told you we were over.”

“Fine, but you could answer my calls.”

“No, I can’t. Goodbye.”

Before he could get me worked up more, I turned and got the boys buckled into their car seats. Part of me wanted to yell at him for not making them sit in them in his car, but it wasn’t worth the effort. Once the twins were safely secured, I slid the door shut and got into the driver’s seat. Kenny stood next to the car, staring at me with his trademark idiotic face. I ignored him completely as I backed out of the parking spot.

“You guys have fun?” I asked as I pulled onto the main road and headed to their babysitter’s house.

“Yeah!” they exclaimed, both chattering at the same time.

I smiled. Despite all the headaches, they were the most amazing little men. They made my life worth living. After everything I’d been through with their father, that was saying a lot. After I dropped them off at the babysitter for the evening, I headed to work. Not many people were aware I stripped for a living, and I wanted to keep it that way. I had told a couple people close to me. Well, one person. My stepbrother Aaron.

He was a couple years younger than me, but we clicked on many different levels. In many ways, he was the man I looked up to most in the world. We both knew we could never be together because our parents had gotten married. And yet, over the years, we spent a lot of time together. Whenever I needed to just talk, he listened without judging me one way or the other. That was one of the reasons he was in my thoughts on my way to the club.


When she responded to my text message with one that just said, “I’m busy,” I deduced she was on her way to work. I had been trying to spend some time with her for several weeks, but for some reason she was keen on avoiding me at all costs. While I missed talking to her and hanging out, her two little boys were who I really missed.

The thought of becoming a father on my own never really crossed my mind, but I loved spending as much time as possible with her two five year olds. Watching them grow over the years was incredible to me on many different levels. She never understood my fascination with her children. In all honesty, I considered her the strongest and bravest person on the planet.

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