Sweet Susie Sweet (The Tough Ladies Book 2)

By: Katie Graykowski

From International Bestselling author Katie Graykowski comes a hilarious tale of love, laughter, and a high velocity potato cannon.

Susie Sweet is out for her early run, she comes across a stranded motorist. When she knocks on the driver’s side door to see if she can help, the driver rolls down the window and she staring into Hollywood’s favorite romcom leading man, Dane Bennett.

Dane Bennett is in Austin to film his latest movie. To get away and think, he takes long drives that usually bring him to rural areas. Nature Photography is his passion and he loves photographing the central Texas countryside. On one of his thinking-drives, his rental car has a blowout. Since he has no idea how to change a tire, he doesn’t have a cell signal, and he’s at least ten miles from the nearest road, he has no choice but to wait in his rental car for someone to come along.

When Dane introducing himself and holds his hand out for Susie to shake, a little zip of attraction tingles up Dane’s arm. He’s never felt that before. Not only is Susie gorgeous, but she’s more fun than he’s had in a very long time.

Susie loves spending time with Dane which is good because he keeps showing up at her house. One day, he hauls off and kisses her. She isn’t prepared for the chemistry they have. Quickly, things become serious. Susie is falling in love with Dane. What happens when filming is over and he returns to his life in Los Angeles?

Dane enjoys every minute he spends with Susie, but his life back in Los Angeles can’t be put on hold forever. He must get back and start doing promo for the movie he just finished. Susie is the vacation he needs from a life he never wanted in the first place. She’s the only real thing in his life.

Can they trust each other enough to make a long-distance relationship work? Will his career get in the way of his happiness? Will she ever show him the secret to the perfect potato cannon?

Fans of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Rachel Gibson won’t want to miss this laugh out loud funny book.

Chapter 1

* * *

Susie Sweet never missed a morning run—even when her foot ached from the broken bone she’d gotten at the Cozumel Ironman. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night nor—she touched her frizzy ponytail—early morning humidity would stay her twelve-mile run. She was just like the post office, only she didn’t have anything to deliver and she ran seven days a week. And now that she thought about it, she’d never run in the snow, mainly because Austin didn’t really have any. But she had run in the rain—although not too often, because it didn’t rain much here either. Once, she had run in a tornado, but it was only an F0 and she hadn’t seen the funnel cloud touch down. She’d thought it was just windy until she’d gotten home and turned on the news.

She loved running. It was her passion. It was better than a ganache-covered fudge brownie sundae. Hooray, running! As long as she kept repeating that over and over, she told herself, then her foot wouldn’t hurt.

The truth was, she didn’t love running, but she did love donuts and fried chicken and ice cream. If she didn’t run, people would start confusing her butt with a billboard. On the plus side, she could always rent out advertising space on her backside.

It might be nice to have something to fall back on when she retired from teaching eighth-grade science. It would be ass-vertising. She would make a fortune selling bum-per stickers. That was an idea she could get behind. It was an industry rear-ing to go. She would get in on the bottom floor.

She loved puns almost as much as her eighth graders loved them.

Up ahead, tail lights flashed on the side of the road. She looked around. There was no one for miles. That was one of the reasons she loved running down this two-lane road—usually, she had it all to herself. Having watched one too many horror movies, she was hesitant to stop and help a stranger at—she checked her Apple Watch—4:24 a.m., but if she were broken down somewhere, she hoped someone would stop and help her.

She was sure that whoever was in the car was harmless. It was too early for any self-respecting serial killer to be out. The only people who were up at this time of the day were ranchers, unlucky delivery drivers who’d pulled the early shift, and drunk frat boys who’d wandered off campus.

And triathletes who didn’t have time to train during the day.

Unless … the serial killer was an early bird. After all, the early bird kills the worm.

If she weren’t on the downhill stretch of her twelve miles, she could probably outrun him if he came after her with an ax. Did serial killers still use axes? It didn’t seem like a very efficient way to kill, and it would be overly messy. In any case, if he tried to murder her, she would scratch his face, getting his DNA under her fingernails, and then run away. Adrenaline was an amazing chemical. It had allowed her to run on her broken foot for five miles before she had noticed that it was hurting.

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