By: Hazel Gower

Duncan started yelling at his mother in a language Holly didn’t understand. Magan yelled back until finally Duncan quietened, and they spoke calmly for a while. Holly knew she should say something, but she was still trying to wrap her head around what she’d seen and what she’d been told. She could feel Duncan’s gaze bore into her as he spoke to his mother.

The talking in another language stopped, and Duncan spoke in English. “Me mother is going to explain some things to ye, and we have figured out a backstory that ye need to remember to tell to people. Ye’re now Lady Holly Drake, a distant cousin of me mother sister’s husband in England. And…me betrothed.”

Excerpt from Her Keepers

Peacekeepers Book One

By Hazel Gower

“Why the hell didn’t you say when we were talking earlier the Johnson group are women?”

Duncan growled, “Because a man booked, and I was busy at the time. Therefore, I just wrote down one of their names, Jackson Johnson. How the hell could I know that could be a woman’s name too?"

Brad snarled, his bear so close to the surface and begging to be free, that he was unsure if he could keep him contained. He had never had problems with his bear before.

The two women got out of the car. The woman on the passenger side was tall, maybe close to five-nine, very shapely, with red hair cut to her shoulders, light creamy white skin and clear blue eyes. She was stunning. He walked closer and inhaled her scent. He got nothing. His bear wasn’t interested.

Reaching her, he held his hand out, ready to shake. She grabbed it and shook, smiling at him. He still felt nothing, but his bear was on edge, and the smell of a clean summer breeze intensified.

“Hi. I’m Jackson. Jacky.”

Giving a mental shake, he focused on the woman in front of him. “Hi. Welcome to Polar Bear Wildlife Alaska hotel. I’m Brad. Behind me is my brother, Duncan.” He turned to his brother only to see him, not behind him, but caging in the other woman, sniffing her neck.

“What on earth is he doing to my friend?”

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