By: Hazel Gower

I went into the back of the pub and knocked on my grandpa’s office door. He didn’t open. I leaned in closer to hear if he was in there. “The next shipment is big and high quality stuff.”

I stepped away from the door, not wanting to hear any more. The voice on the other side of the door talking, I assumed to my grandpa, I had never heard before. I didn’t want to hear or even know who it was. My grandpa’s business wasn’t something I wanted to be involved in any way or form. Stepping back, I looked around and saw the hall empty, which was unusual for the pub, it may be on the small side and shabby but it was busy.

Going back to the door, I knocked again a couple of times and louder, the door still didn’t open and I was grateful. I called through the door. “Grandpa, I’m going to stay at a new friend of mine, Cassie’s, this weekend. I’ll be back on Sunday.” I turned to walk away.

The door opened and my grandpa stood in the doorway, his potbelly sticking out from his shirt, his receding white hair slicked back with gel, and his lips thinned in annoyance. I caught a glimpse of a man in his late thirties or early forties, with muddy hair color in a short ponytail, dark brown eyes that looked almost black, a long pointed nose and lips I could barely see. Grandpa grabbed my arm, gripping it tight until his nails dug into my skin and I backed away from the door and the man. “Make sure you’re home by Sunday night. I don’t want no trouble either. I don’t need no eyes on what goes on here. Got it, girl?” he said as he shook me.

Snatching my arm out of his hold, I backed away as grandpa’s skin turned red, and I nodded. I needed to get out of there now. Not saying anything in case I said the wrong thing, I turned tail and ran out of there as fast as I could.

Walking to the bus stop in front of the pub I prayed a bus would come soon. I didn’t think my grandpa would do anything out in the open for people to see, but he hadn’t looked very happy when I fled from him, and I didn’t know the man he’d been talking to.

My phone beeped to tell me I had a message.

Coming to pick you up. My bro has football practice, not far from you.

Thanking whoever was listening, I messaged back.

Sure. Out front at bus stop.

I didn’t have to wait long before a white Toyota Land Cruiser stopped and Cassie got out of the passenger seat. I followed her back to the car and got into the backseat.

Scott, Cassie’s brother, turned and smiled. “Hi, Jade.” With him and Cassie together I could tell they were twins, they looked so much alike. Except Scott was a big boy, and it was all muscle. What were they putting in the water around here?

“Hi, Scott. Thanks for picking me up.”

“No problem. I hope you don’t mind coming and watching practice before I take you two home.”

“I don’t. I’m grateful for the lift.” I was. I needed every cent I had to buy food for school this week, my grandpa may have food in his house to eat, but it wasn’t easy to pack food.



I was fucking pissed off, I couldn’t find Jade at recess or lunch and I found out she went home early, which made me even angrier. Why hadn’t she stayed or found me? I’d never had to chase a woman, let alone a girl. Members of the other sex threw themselves at me. It was partly because my last name was Silverman and my family had their hands into a bit of everything. I had a trust fund I could live off and still never spend it in this lifetime.

I’d been called a spoiled little rich kid many times in my life. But I didn’t give a fuck what people thought of me. None of my family sat around all day and happily spent their fortune; they all worked, and worked damn hard. I planned to do the same. From a young age I knew I wanted to work with my father, be by his side learning and eventually take over. I intended to graduate and go to university to study business and economics.

“Move ya arse, bro, or we’ll be late for rugby practice.” I turned from the game I was losing and saw Derick with his head peeking in my door.

I didn’t want to go out tonight. “I’m waiting on a call from Zeck.”

“You’ve been acting strange all day. Does this call you’re waiting on from Zeck have to do with it? If so I think you should come to keep your mind off it.”

Fuck, he was right. I ran my fingers through my hair trying to think of my next move. “Fine.” I got up. “I’m coming. Let’s go to practice.”

I changed into running shorts and a wife-beater, chucked on my joggers and went down to meet Derick in the garage. There was no point in taking two cars so I got into Derick’s Rover.

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