By: Hazel Gower

“Hi. It’s nice to meet you.”

“They are looking over this way.” Renee sighed.

Stacy perked up. “Oh, is Stephan looking?” She puffed out her chest.

Cassie turned around and sighed. “No, what a pity. Derick is looking though.” Jade looked at Cassie to see a dreamy look on her face.

“I guess you like them.”

Racheal snorted. “Ha, every girl likes the Silverman twins. What’s not to like. They are tall, muscular, smart, great in bed from what I’ve heard, have killer smiles and are filthy rich. They don’t date though. Neither do.”

Argh, they were those types of men. “I understand.”

The girls nodded.

“It doesn’t stop every girl, including us, hoping they’ll change their mind and choose us,” Cassie said.

“Well.” I glanced over my shoulder then back to the girls. “I’m not one of those. I met Derick and he’s not my type.” I was lying, they were right, Derick was gorgeous and every girl’s type and if his twin looked like him, then God help the female population, but I wasn’t into men or boys like them.

Chapter Two


The whole school seemed to be abuzz with the new girl. I had yet to even see her. I didn’t give a fuck if I did. I just wish people would talk about something else. Even his brother seemed keen on the girl.

“Oh fuck, she’s sitting with my sister.” Scott scrubbed his face. Scott’s sister was a major nerd, they were twins like him and Derick, but didn’t get along. I didn’t bother turning around. I wasn’t interested in either the new girl or any of Scott’s sister’s friends.

“That’s good.” Brad whacked Scott on the back. “Just think, if they become good friends she’ll come over your house and stay the night. It will make it easier for you to make your move.”

I grinned when Scott’s face lit up.


I was late for school. My brother had driven his own car for the last two weeks eager to impress the new girl. She’d been going to the school for almost two weeks and I still hadn’t seen her and didn’t care if I did. It was pouring down rain and I was glad I had the jeep. Reed Creek didn’t have such good roads and it flooded easily.

Exhausted from last night’s sex play, I’d slept in. I’d gone to see a new fuck buddy about an hour’s drive away. The woman had been crazy. She took every instruction I gave her, she even kept me up all night wanting and taking more. She’d sucked my cock like a champ bringing it back to life time after time. I smiled when my dick couldn’t even get hard it was so tired.

Turning into the car park I drove into my spot and turned off my car, grabbing my school bag, and bolted toward the school just as I heard the school bell. Running, I jumped over a puddle and hit a soft object. I heard an, “Uph. Shit. You have got to be fucking kidding me.”

At the sound of the voice my whole body came alive. My cock, which only moments before had been worn out, came roaring to life. I looked down, my breath caught, and my heart felt like it would beat out of my chest. Even soaking wet and glaring at me she was the most beautiful girl. She had long chestnut hair, big brown chocolate colored eyes, a tiny button nose, and lips thinned with displeasure.

“Wanker. You’re not even going to offer to help me up.” She stood and I smiled when the top of her head barely reached my shoulder. She had a body to die for—all breasts and arse, and I could see everything, thanks to her wet state, even her red lacey bra. I could tell she was cold, her nipples were pointing straight at me.

“Eyes up here, dickhead.”

I looked at her face, grinning, and she snarled.

“You think this is funny. Argh.” She pushed past me and went into the school.

I stared after her watching her arse and not caring about the rain. She went inside and I followed, growling when I noticed the other guys staring at her chest. I yanked my jacket off then pulled my dry jumper over my head.

Going after her, I grabbed her and spun her to face me. Without giving her a chance to respond, I took her bag off and put the jumper over her head and drew it down. It looked like a baggie dress. I didn’t care as long as it covered her and stopped anyone from looking at her. “You’re a little tiny bitty thing, aren’t you?”

“I beg your pardon. What the hell is wrong with you?” She went to lift the jumper up to pull it off.

“Don’t.” If she lifted my jumper and any male saw what I did, I’d kill them.

She raised her eyebrow, pausing for only a moment, before lifting the jumper again.

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