By: Hazel Gower

“No,” I interrupted. “Um…I mean no thank you. As you can see I have high grades and have no problem keeping up. I’m sure my age won’t stop me from making friends.”

The principal studied me for a moment before she slowly nodded. “Okay. Would you like me to introduce you to some girls?”

I picked up my school bag. “No thanks.”

“Fine.” She passed me a piece of paper. “Here’s your class schedule. You have business studies first, which is over in A block, then English in C block. There is a map on the back, but if you get lost I’m sure anyone will help you.”

Smiling, I took the piece of paper, scurried out of the office, and started toward my first class. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. I hunched lower and tried to make my already short five-two height smaller. Yanking on the skirt, I hated this school’s uniform, it was a grey and green pleated skirt with a green blouse. I bought two sets and an extra blouse. This school was strict with their uniform and I was told I needed closed-toe black shoes. So I had bought cheap Mary Jane's. The skirts were expensive and I bought them second hand and it had used up my entire Centerlink payment for the fortnight. My grandpa wouldn’t give me a cent of his money, but I was happy he was letting me keep my Centerlink payments. At least he had food in the house unlike my mother, and grandpa ate everything I made. He never said thank you, but I wasn’t offended.

Looking around, I searched for where I needed to go. This was the only high school in Reed Creek, so it was big. Stopping in the middle of the quad I stared at the building looking for the letters.

“Can I help you?”

I turned and gazed into a gorgeous male’s face. His eyes were a dark tree back brown and his blond hair sat just past his ears. He had the longest eyelashes and the biggest lips I’d ever seen on a male. He was also built like a linebacker, gosh, what was he being fed?

“Yes please. I need to find block A.”

He smiled showing perfect white teeth. “You just came from the office, it’s in C block.” He leaned over me. “A block is here.” He pointed to my right.

“Oh, I see now. It’s in a horseshoe shape. Thanks.”

“No problem. My name is Derick, Derick Silverman.”

“Hi, Derick. I’m Jade, Jade Black. If you didn’t figure it out by now I am new here.”

“Nice to meet you. Welcome to Reed Creek.”

“Thanks.” The bell rang. I appreciated Derick’s help, and he was hot, but I didn’t date…ever. Derick may seem nice but I knew the drill with boys and new girls. I’d seen it in my old school. “It’s nice meeting you, but I better get to class. I wouldn’t want to be late for my first class.” Before he could respond I rushed away, not even bothering to look behind me at his reaction.


The bell rang and I gathered my things and went toward the library. I knew I was the hot topic. From what I had learned, Reed Creek didn’t get many new students, at least not at this time of year. Derick had been in two of my classes. Each time he’d looked like he was going to sit with me so I made sure I sat by someone else.

The girl I’d been sitting next to in my last class tapped me on the shoulder. She had big black glasses and carrot top hair, a face full of freckles, and soft green eyes. “Hi, you the new girl. I’m Cassie. Well, Casandra, but you can call me Cassie.” She held out her hand.

I took her hand in mine and shook it. “Hi, Cassie. I’m Jade.”

They walked together out of the classroom. “They are right.”

I stared at her. “Um, I’m sorry. What are they right about?”

“That you’re hot. Well it’s what my brother said. I heard the others talk about you having everything a man could want, a nice arse and huge tits. I’m not as lucky as you.” Cassie looked down at her chest. She had medium breasts, nowhere near as big as mine, but they were decent for Cassie’s size.

I stopped and raised my eyebrow. “Er, okay.”

“Oh sorry. I don’t have a filter. That’s what my family says.” Cassie grabbed my hand and dragged me along. “Come on. My friends are dying to meet you.” She kept pulling me along until we stopped at seats overlooking the oval. A group of four girls sat on a table. They turned when they saw her. “Everyone, this is Jade. Jade, the first one is Patricia.” Cassie pointed to the blonde sitting closest. “The girl next to Patricia is Renee.” Renee had brown short hair in a bob and wore glasses like Cassie. “This here is Stacy.” Cassie pointed to a gorgeous girl with jet-black hair and brown eyes. “Lastly is Racheal.” Racheal was holding a book up and when she heard her name placed it on her lap and looked at up. She was a strawberry blonde with eyes that almost looked black they were such a dark brown.

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