By: Hazel Gower
Caveman Instinct Book One

Message from the Author

This book is set in Australia. In Australia the legal age to drink, vote, get married and so on is eighteen. The characters speak English Australian, so if you see the word ‘Arse’ instead of ‘Ass’ it is because that’s how we say it in Australia where the book is set. If you find a word you aren't familiar with, look it up, or message me, I’d be happy to talk with you.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy my book.

Hazel Gower

Chapter One


I drove my Jeep into a parking spot at Reed Creek High School. My twin brother, Derick, got out of the passenger seat and I grabbed my bag and followed him. “What’s the rush, bro?”

Derick didn’t slow but glanced over his shoulder, his blond hair falling into his eyes. He was my total opposite in looks, where I had jet-black hair his was blond, my eyes were blue and his were brown, I had dimples and he didn’t. He had big full lips and mine were thin. Derick looked like our mother and I took after our father, like our older brother, Dustan. About the only thing we shared was the same height and build. We were the tallest teenagers at our school at six four, and the most built. We liked working out, playing rugby league, and were swimming champions.

“New girl, and I wanna check her out. Brad messaged me to say she’s hot.”

Rolling my eyes, I slowed down and let my brother go. I didn’t do schoolgirls. I’d always had a thing for older women. I liked my sex dirty and hard, I’d known it from the first time I slid between a chick's thighs. I liked control, it was in my DNA. I’m not saying some of the girls at school who threw themselves at me couldn’t take me, but I’d rather not fuck a girl and have to see her again. I don’t date. I fuck. I’ve never taken a woman or girl on a date and I don’t intend to.

My family had what I called a curse, we knew who our soul mate was and we were possessive and turned caveman when we found them. My parents had been together for thirty years and my father still chucked a fit if any man came onto my mother. He made sure she had protection and treated her like a priceless fragile flower. My uncles were the same with their wives, and my grandparents and so on. I didn’t want that shit, I was happy with my one-night stands.

Walking to my group of friends, in our usual spot down by the oval, I dropped my bag and sat. “So, party at my house next weekend. The parents are still in Melbourne and won’t be back for two weeks. Dad’s closing a deal on another apartment building.”

“Sounds good. Do you want some cash toward a keg?” Scott asked. He was my best friend and one of only two others in the school who came close to my brother and me in height and build.

“Nah, Derick and I got it, man.”

“Where is he?”

I smirked at Brad. “Where the fuck do you think. You messaged him and told him a new chick started at school so he went to check her out.”

Brad grinned. “I saw her walking to school. She is hot. I don’t know much about her, besides her being stacked. She has huge knockers.”

I laughed. “We won’t see Derick for a while then. You know he’s a breast man.”

Everyone laughed and I laid back and listened to my friends make bets on who would fuck the new girl first.



I hated my mother right now more than ever. Why did she have to overdose on meth? I was doing fine raising myself until she took too much while I was staying over at my friend Jess’s house. Sighing, as guilt assaulted me, I berated myself. I should have stayed and looked after her like I always did. My grandpa thought it was my fault. He didn’t want me, but I was under eighteen and the state had given me a choice, him or a foster home. I chose him. I only had a little under two months until I was eighteen and I intended to keep my head down and show my grandpa I was no trouble and would help him like I had my mum.

My grandpa lived in the small coastal town of Reed Creek. He owned a shitty little bar, which was a cover for his drug dealing. My mother used to sell it too, when she wasn’t using it for her own pleasure.

So now I lived with my arsehole of a grandpa and was starting at a new school third term of year twelve. I was young to be in my last year of school, most of my peers were already eighteen, but my mother had started me as early as she could and I worked my arse off to keep high grades so they didn’t repeat me.

Sitting in the principal’s office, she smiled at me. “You have great references and high grades, but here in Reed Creek you will be the youngest in your year. If you like we can place you in the year below with girls your own ag—”

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