So Over You(106)

By: Kate Meader

Cade narrowed his eyes. “Which eventuality is that?”

“An NHL player who’d like to come out. It hasn’t happened yet, but every team is waiting for the first.”

The slightest smile teased Cade’s lips. “Kind of jumping the gun, aren’t you?”

“You’re here.” Dante added a wave of his hand in case Burnett had somehow forgotten where here was.

“I’m here,” Cade said simply, but there was nothing simple about the intent Dante heard in the words. Crackling energy licked between them, and Dante had the distinct impression that Cade was making some sort of statement, just not the one Dante had first assumed. He’d analyze that later.

Cade threw an arm over the back of the sofa. “So what kind of procedures are we talkin’ about?”


“You said you have procedures for NHL players who are ready to come out.”

Dante shook off his unease, glad to be back to more concrete specifics. “A PR plan. Press statement. Ways to handle the inevitable questions.”

“Like how the New York Times prepares obituaries for famous people so they’re ready to roll when they kick the bucket?”

Dante considered this, strangely charmed by the morbid comparison. “Well, there isn’t a separate one ready to go for each player. We’d tailor our prepared statement with a few personal details.”

Cade licked his lips, and Dante couldn’t take his eyes off the slick, moist stripe that remained behind. With a tilt of his head, the younger man rubbed the dangerously appealing copper-tinted stubble on his chin.

“ ‘He first knew he liked boys when, in the fifth grade, he told his momma he’d like to marry Johnny Sanderson.’ That kind of thing?”

This was said with shocking equanimity, displaying a subtle humor Dante would never have attributed to a one-note clown like Cade Burnett. The guy was always so obvious.

“Cade, having your photo taken in a private club that caters to men hooking up with other men is probably not the best way to announce to the world that you’re gay.” Dante looked around, assessing the interest of other patrons. Conclusion: plenty. He might even place it at threat-level orange, not because a famous hockey player was in the house, but because Cade Burnett was simply beautiful.

And gay, Dante’s cock happily chimed in. He’s fucking gay.

“If anyone catches wind of this we can just say you were curious and asked me to bring you. It should be easy enough to spin that we’re friends. Besides, no one would believe the truth.”

Cade broke into laughter that drew a hundred eyes to drink them in. The sound was wonderful, the attention less so.

“Moretti, you are somethin’ else, y’know that? You think I’m going to use you as my gay-buddy shield? Hell, I’m not too worried about anyone photographing us here.”

“You really think you’re safe?”

“I’m with you. That’s as safe as can be.”

Not even a little. “Why are you taking this risk?”

The server returned with the drink and handed it off with a wink at Cade. Smiling his thanks, Cade took a long sip.

“Sometimes I just crave company. Being a closeted gay guy can be exhausting.”

“Being an uncloseted one can be just as tiring.”

“I bet. But it must be nice not to have to hide. Even if you have assholes whispering behind your back.”

So few people did him the service of whispering behind Dante’s back. “Pros and cons to each position. But no, I wouldn’t go back.” He leaned forward because he needed to see Cade’s eyes when he asked this. “Are you saying you’re ready to go public?”

“No, but . . . I’m ready.” He licked his lips again and Dante felt it like a streak of pleasure over his balls. His heart thrashed fiercely, so hard he was sure Cade had to see the pulse beating at the base of his throat.

Somehow he managed to ask, “Ready for what?”

Cade curled his hand around Dante’s tie and hovered close enough that Dante could feel hot puffs of air against his lips.

“I think you know, boss.”

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