By: Donna Cooner

There is a reason why Ever’s last name is Davies. My incredible agent, Sarah Davies, completely adopted Ever’s story with a passion and enthusiasm that was contagious. Sarah and I not only share a birthday, but we also understand this story in a way that connected us personally and professionally. I am so grateful for her guidance and ex per tise. Special thanks also to Julia Churchill, Greenhouse UK agent, for her experienced advice and knowledge of the international marketplace.

Thank you, Scholastic! You are my dream publishing company and you have been fantastic. It was love at first sight when I first opened a Scholastic Book Club flyer as a student. Later, as a teacher and teacher of teachers, there was nothing better than the day the book order arrived in my classroom. Joining the list of esteemed Scholastic authors is a surreal experience, in the best possible way.

My wonderful editor, Aimee Friedman, first and foremost has the heart of a writer. Her fine editorial skills certainly made this a better book, but her understanding of the writing process and the need for positive reinforcement all along the way nurtured me completely. Thanks especially to Scholastic’s Debra Dorfman, Ellie Berger, Lori Benton, David Levithan, Abby McAden, and Elizabeth Parisi for their amazing talents and unwavering support. Thanks also to production editor Starr Baer, for the seamless way every thing came together. I publicly apologize to my copy editor, Lauren Cecil, for my awful use of commas, capitals, and quotation marks. You’re my unsung hero. I so appreciate the skills you have that I obviously don’t share.

My deepest appreciation and gratitude also to Stella Paskins and the team at Egmont UK. I’m thrilled to be a part of the new Electric Monkey imprint.

I am so blessed to have found a writers’ group that supports me through every aspect of the publishing journey. YAMuses — Bret Ballou, Katy Longshore, Veronica Rossi, and Talia Vance — are amazing. YAH MUSES! Love you, guys! Virtual hugs all around. Love also to longtime writing partners and wonderful friends Kathi Appelt and Debbie Leland, who never gave up on me. Lorin Oberweger, your insight and skills brought this manuscript to a new level, and I’m so grateful you’re part of my writing team. I raise a toast to my crazy happy-hour work group — Derek Decker, Jody Drager, Heidi Frederiksen, Shelley Haddock, Karmen Kelly, Rod Lucero, Sue Lynham, Heidi Propp, Karen Rattenborg, and Cerissa Stevenson. I always feel your cheers and support.

Jay, thanks for your attentive post-op nursing skills, nurturing caretaking, and your continual support of my dream to write and publish a novel. You’ve appreciated the crazy, and I thank you for that.

Finally, thanks to my family, who always encouraged my creative side. Dad and Marty, I love you. Mom, I miss you every single day.

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