Silent Love

By: Casey Clipper

(The Love Series - Book 1)

I usually dedicate my books to my husband but this time around there are some awesome individuals that I'd like to dedicate this book to.

My two girls who deviously plot, plan, and conspire with me. Erica and Cristina. Neither one has an issue with telling me like it is, if they don't like a plot, if they love something, or if something doesn't work. Getting together with these two women and putting our heads together is something I value and enjoy beyond words. Of course, add a drink or two and Erica wants to kill off everyone. I've created a monster.

My Cali girl. An aspiring author with a brilliant mind, a kind word, and a terrific sense of humor. She doesn't know this, but I speak highly of her to everyone I know and am thankful that her room at the RWA conference in Atlanta hadn't been ready for her or else we might not have ever met. She's helped guide me, given me terrific advice, listened when I struggled and excelled, and has been there for a journey that we're both consistently learning something new everyday.

Two Ordinary Girls and Their Books are two women who I accidentally came across, but from the moment I did, they went out of their way to promote, support, and boost my books. They were the first to take notice, and with open arms offered me anything I needed to help promote my work. I can't thank them enough for all they do, but I'll try—thank you, thank you, thank you Kaprii and Lilly for all you do. Frankly, they should be thanked more often by all. Follow their Facebook page! One day I'll get my butt to England, then we can get together and see how much trouble we can create. Within reason, of course. Sounds like a plan.


Pulling off the bloody surgical gloves, Sean breathed out a heavy sigh of relief. By some miracle, he'd managed to save the life of the fifty-five year old man unconscious on the table. Stents, now in place, gave the man an opportunity to live years longer than when he arrived at the hospital in cardiac arrest.

"Close him up," Sean ordered.

"Yes, doc."

Sean stepped out of the surgical room, into the hallway, tossed his gloves and scrubs into the bin, then went straight for the locker room to shower. Originally, he wasn't on ER surgery rotation that evening, but the hospital became unexpectedly busy. When the case came through the ER doors, he was the only doc available.

Once he was undressed and in the shower, he allowed the scalding water to beat off his worn body. Hands placed against the wall, his head hanging, the hot stream rolled off his back, relaxing his tight muscles. That shift had been too long for a human to work. He needed to go home, collapse in bed, and not move for the next three days he had off work. Ryan wasn't fairing any better. The NICU at Magee-Women’s Hospital had seen a rush of premature babies and his brother was working overtime weekly. Both of them weren't good for anything other than sleeping, barely eating, and working their asses into the ground.

"Doc?" someone yelled into the showers.

"Yeah?" he croaked.

"Phone call for you on line one," the man said.

"Who is it?" he asked. Who the hell was calling him?

"Ah...Courtney?" he answered.

Shit. He was supposed to meet his cousin at an hour ago.

"Got it," he yelled back.

Sean shut off the water, yanked a couple towels off the rack, wrapped one around his solid waist and ran one over his overlong hair. He went to the private office in the locker room and picked up line one. "Hello?"

"Hello yourself," his cousin drawled. "I'm guessing something came up."

"Yes," he said. "You could say that."

"You sound exhausted," she said.

"I am." He sat down behind the desk. "Ryan is too."

"I don't know why you won't open up your own practice," she said. "You could make your own hours, have weekends off, holidays." She paused. "You know I can lend you the money to start up."

Hell, no. He would never borrow money off his cousin. Borrowing money off her would be borrowing money from her husband. And to owe her husband money was to owe money to the mob. Literally.

"I know what you're thinking," she said softly. "Derrick would never consider you one of his clients," she assured him.

Sean snorted. "I appreciate the offer, Court, but no thanks. I enjoy working at the hospital." It kept him and his lonely mind occupied.

His cousin remained silent for a moment. "All right, if that's what you want, but if you ever change your mind, you come to me."

He grinned. How their lives had changed since they were children. Courtney was a confident, beautiful woman who knew what she wanted and when she wanted it. Her husband had to be given full credit for that trait. Not that many years ago his cousin tended to be meek and not that self-assured.

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