Siege (The Warrior Chronicles, 5)(95)

By: K.F. Breene

They should’ve been safe.

But with Xandre, they would never be safe.

“He has his prize back,” Shanti said as she noticed clean slices on the ropes on the floor. “And he had help.”

“You think this is the inner circle?” Cayan asked as he hung his head, not shrugging off Rohnan’s hand.

Shanti knelt beside him. “No one outside this city would’ve known where we kept him. He was in here because people would think we took this room. They wouldn’t suspect he did. No. I think this was an inside job. He had help.”

Cayan leaned toward her a fraction. “None of my men, or your people, would know about that tunnel.” He straightened up as Marc ran in with wide eyes.

He saw who was on the ground and sagged. “No.”

“Our rest is over,” Cayan said. “We need to let down the drawbridges, get this city back on its feet, and find Xandre. This ends. I will not lose any more to these side battles. I want him dead.” He stalked out the door without a word, on the verge of breaking and not wanting his men to see. He had to stay strong for them. It was his burden to bear.

Shanti sat next to Daniels quietly. Rohnan lowered himself down behind her and threw an arm around her shoulders. Cayan was right. This needed to end. The more they stalled, the more people they would lose. Xandre would just get better and better. He had probably fortified a few of his cities, and he’d only lay more traps. Eventually, they would have no one left.

“It’s time to hunt,” Shanti said quietly as a tear tumbled down her cheek. “He’s somewhere, and we will find him. Keep your eye out, Rohnan. If the person who did this is in our army, his emotions will give him away. He’ll lead us right to Xandre.”

“Do we tell the Captain?”

“No. We tell no one. We let him go unchecked, right through Xandre’s back door.”

They sat for a moment, huddled together, mourning their loss. After a while Rohnan said, “I am ready for this to be over, Chulan. I am ready for my life to begin or end. I am tired of this half-life.”

“Me too, Rohnan. Me too. It won’t be long now.”

The End

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