Shafted (Devil's Blaze MC Book 4)(9)

By: Jordan Marie

I’ve never been one for self-pity, and I’m not someone who accepts anything that makes me feel unsure of myself. My father spent his whole life making me feel less because I was a girl. I won’t have that now from anyone. Even if I’m jumping the gun with Jax—no, Shaft, even if I am being overly sensitive, it’s best if I just walk away. With that thought, I open my door with one hand while I undo my seatbelt with the other.

“Where the hell are you going?” Jax growls, grabbing my free arm before I can hop out.

“I’m going to walk to the diner,” I inform him, trying to jerk away from his firm grip. My skin flames under his touch.

“Close that fucking door.”

“Take a flying leap,” I scoff.

“Close that fucking door, Bree. I’m warning you, I won’t tell you again,” he grits through his clenched teeth.

I raise my brow at him. “Gee, Jax, what are you going to do? Tell Skull on me?”

“Spank your ass.”

My mouth falls open but closes quickly. “You did not just say that.”

“I did. Obviously, Tucker has let you run too damn wild,” he growls and maybe he would continue, but the cars blowing their horns behind us takes his attention away. The light has turned green. “Close the fucking door, Bree,” he says, and this time his voice is deadly cold. I do it out of reflex as he lets go of my arm. I let my small token of rebellion be that, and I slam the door hard enough to vibrate the whole truck. Folding my arms at my chest, I turn straight ahead, while silently vowing not to say another word to him, even though I miss his possessive touch.

“Buckle up,” he demands and though I don’t want to, I find myself obeying his command.

Chapter Seven


“What are we doing here?” Bree asks, which incidentally are the first words she’s uttered in over fifteen minutes. I understand why, I was kind of a bastard. This morning held promise and getting her to smile was like I won a fucking war. But, all day I kept going over all the reasons I shouldn’t—couldn’t touch her. When I picked her up this evening, I promised myself I would be distant, do nothing to encourage that smile, nor the stars twinkling in her eyes. That was my goal and sure as I’m sitting here, I’m about to fuck up. I can’t help it though, because I want her, and even if I can’t have her, I still want to see her smile. Her smile warmed something inside of me that I thought had been dead for a long time.

“You said you were hungry,” I tell her shutting off the truck.

“This is the wrong diner,” she grumbles.

“This is the one you’re getting.” I jump out of the truck, walk around and open her door. She hasn’t moved. She’s looking straight ahead at the restaurant, then back at me. When she doesn’t make a move, I reach in and unbuckle her seatbelt. It’s an operation in torture being this close to her tits and not diving in head first, or maybe dick first. Fuck, those babies would wrap around my cock so fucking good. I have to shake my head and file away the image of my cum dripping down her neck, running down her breast, sliding around the nipple…

Son of a bitch, I jacked off twice this morning, and I already know when I leave Bree with Beth and Katie, I’m going to be spanking the monkey again. Christ, the woman is like walking Viagra.

Her hand comes down and clasps mine at her waist, stopping me from making sure the belt goes back without hitting her. I look up and those deep hazel eyes capture me. I watch as flakes of green sink into the brown, her pupils large and dilated. It’s then I notice her breathing has jumped. I even catch a glimpse of that pink tongue between those lips I’ve been fantasizing about.

“Jax…” she whispers, confused. I want to kiss her. Her lips are right there, ripe for the taking. My body literally shakes with the need, but I lock the urge down and contain it. I might not be able to freeze her out, but I can’t go there. I can’t…even if she wasn’t the granddaughter of the Chrome Saints, she’s in high school for Christ’s sake. Hell, it’s a wonder I don’t have a daughter her age walking around. That thought helps douse the hard-on a little. Enough so I can walk without my balls protesting at least.

“Come eat with me Bree,” I tell her, hoping I made sense, because in my head it’s her I want to eat. She nods once in agreement, and I help her down from the truck. If my hand accidentally brushes against the curve of her ass a little too long, I can’t be blamed. I’m only fucking human here.

We make it inside, and I slide in next to her at the booth. It’s nothing fancy, but their food is good. I don’t eat here often, it’s why I picked this place. Hoping no one I know sees us. Not because I’m embarrassed, I just don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea.

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