Shafted (Devil's Blaze MC Book 4)(89)

By: Jordan Marie

“I’m leaving.”

“This is your home, hermano.”

“It’s not.” I want him to leave. I need him to be gone. I’ve kept everything hid from him, from everyone. But the temptation is there to kill him. To choke the life from this man. Would it make me feel better? Could anything?

“Lo entiendo,” he says, leaning against the door. That’s almost more than I can take. He understands? How the fuck could he understand? He understands nothing.

“You don’t. Pray you never will. I’ll be gone in the morning,” I tell him and the anger bleeds through. I know he can hear it. Maybe he can even feel it. It’s vibrating inside of me.

“We want you to stay. We’re your family.”

I don’t answer that. He’s not family. He’s the reason I have no family.


“You wake up every morning and see your children. You hold them, you touch them, you plan your days with them. I wake up every morning to nothing. I see you with your family. Torch with his and I hate you. I. Hate. You.”

Can’t get any plainer than that. Maybe he will understand now. When he was in war with his wife’s family, they lashed out and their bomb robbed my child of life. My beautiful Annabelle is just a memory now. A memory that haunts me. A memory that cuts me from the inside out with every breath I take. The scars on my body are a reminder. A reminder of what I lost. A reminder that I failed. I didn’t rescue her from the burning car. A reminder that I’m a monster…

“Where are you going?” Skull asks, resigned. Yeah. He gets it…finally.

“Don’t know. Don’t care.” Just fucking away.

“The club owns property…”

“I’m not part of the club.” Not anymore.

It’s ten acres on top of Whittler’s Mountain in North Carolina. There’s no house there, but there is a barn at the base of mountain with a loft that could work to stay in. You could…”

“I’m not part of the club,” I repeat, no matter how appealing it sounds. Ten acres would be enough to hide in. To let the animal that is devouring me find quiet.

“It would be yours free. The club would have no claim to it.”

I turn to look at him, wondering what the catch is. There’s something, because I can tell by his voice and the way he’s looking at me, there’s something he’s not saying.

“What?” I ask, waiting.

“Pistol’s sister…”


“She lives…close to there.”

“Not my problem.”

“Si. But you could satisfy my curiosity and make sure she’s there.”

“Why? I don’t give a damn. Not sure why you do either.”

“Not sure why I do to be honest, hermano. But if you satisfy the wanderings of an old man, then I’ll give you the land. Free and outright,” Skull says and the promise of that alone is enough to make me stop. Ten acres. Privacy. Alone.

“If I go. I’m not reporting in. I’ll take a picture and tell you if she’s breathing. That’s it, and no one bothers me. I move to that mountain I shoot first and never ask questions, I don’t care what cut they are or aren’t wearing.”

My voice cracks. Another reminder. The burns bothered my vocal chords, the burns on my neck run deep. This is why I don’t talk. One of the reasons why. Skull is watching me and I don’t know what he’s looking for, but he finally nods his head in agreement. He finally leaves and I’m left standing in the room again with nothing but my mirror to stare back at me.

I punch my fist into it, knocking it from the wall. I watch it fall landing among pieces of shattered glass. It didn’t make me feel any better but the blood on my fist at least calms me. Then I walk out the door, leaving my cut behind. Leaving everything and everyone behind.


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