Shafted (Devil's Blaze MC Book 4)(6)

By: Jordan Marie

“I know. It’s my SAT test for college. I can’t miss it or Pops will have a shit-fit.”

“Jesus Christ. Briar was right, you are in high school.” He shakes his head, but he doesn’t walk away.

“Well, yeah. For a little longer.”

“How much longer?”

“I don’t see why this is important. I really need to get going.” I sigh, stepping forward to walk around him.

He matches my step, cutting me off. “How much longer?” his deep voice rumbles, even deeper than normal, and it scrapes across my nerve endings making my stomach clench. Or it could be the way he reaches out and grabs my hand, keeping me from leaving. There’s so much heat coming from his touch, it envelopes me, and I swear I feel my knees grow weak.

“Four weeks,” I whisper, and it is a hoarse whisper, worse, I’m pretty sure he can feel the way my body just shook with a tremble. His thumb brushes back and forth on my arm. I watch it, because for some reason I can’t make myself look up at those mirrored glasses again. I’m afraid I’d reveal too much about how he is affecting me—especially since I can’t see his expression.

“It’ll have to work.” He sighs vaguely, confusing me. Before I can ask him, he’s pulling me across the parking lot. “Let’s go,” he says.

I do my best to stop, though it takes me a minute to realize I need to. “Go where?”

“I’ll take you to your test,” he says coolly as if him taking me somewhere is natural.

“Oh. Are you sure? I could get my aunts to…” I trail off intrigued by his offer.

“I’m sure,” he says, walking me over to a parked bike. He gets on and looks at me expectantly. “Get on.”

I have a moment of indecision, before I decide to go with it. I brace my hand on his shoulder, more of that electricity passes between us, though to be honest, I’m starting to enjoy it. I swing on behind him and settle in. He reaches around me with a helmet placing it on my head. It has to be his, because it’s a little big. He adjusts it as much as he can before turning back around, he pulls his sunglasses down to look at me. I can feel the heat of his gaze like the flames of a thousand candles. I hear an almost soundless sigh come from him, and then he faces to the front powering the bike to life.

“Hold on,” he orders, and I gladly wrap my arms around him, leaning into his back. It’s like wrapping around the sun and all the heat settles between my legs.

Finally, I think I know what they meant when the other girls in my class used to say their boyfriends set them on fire. I’m feeling that way, and the only thing I know about him is he thinks I’m too young. I didn’t even look at his name on his cut. I was too busy checking the rest of him out.

Dang it.

Chapter Five


If there’s a sweeter Hell on Earth than feeling her legs tightening against my thighs, having her body lean into me, her arms wrapped around me, as I’m driving her down the road on my bike, I don’t know what it is.

Fuck, it feels so good.


She feels so good.

She fits.

She belongs to me.

Christ. That sounds so fucking stupid and it’s impossible, but that’s exactly how I feel—like she’s mine. Which is crazy. Completely and utterly stupid, in fact. She can’t be mine. She’s too damn young, she’s property of another club. A club that the Blaze have just recently buried a hatchet with. Hell, Skull, our President, and Tucker still barely like each other. I fuck around with Tucker’s granddaughter—his eighteen-year-old, still in high school granddaughter? I’ll probably blow the truce, have my cut taken, be left without a club, and wind up six feet underground. It would be a toss-up as to if Skull or Tucker would put me there.

I have to be completely insane to even be thinking about her. But…I am. She’s awoken something inside of me, I’ve never had any idea existed. I have a suspicion it’s what has been leaving me so unsatisfied with life. What I can’t fucking understand is how an eighteen-year-old girl could be the answer to what I’ve been searching for, for years. Fuck, I’ve probably been searching longer than she’s been alive. That thought alone should be enough to freeze my fucking balls into ice cubes and yet, it doesn’t.

Instead, my cock is as hard as it was yesterday, as hard as it was last night, and as hard as it was even after I jacked off in the shower this morning, while I thought about the dirty things I’d do to her if given the chance. I’m in deep shit, and instead of getting space, here I am giving the woman a ride on my bike. A bike that has never had another woman on it. My bike is sacred, putting a bitch on the back implies something, something I haven’t wanted…until now.

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