Shafted (Devil's Blaze MC Book 4)(4)

By: Jordan Marie

“You’re shitting me.” I feel like a broken record here, repeating the same lines.

Briar holds his left hand up. “Hand to God.”

“Thought you were an atheist?”

“On some days. Facts don’t change though. That girl is as off limits as they come.”

“Yeah, guess so.” I shrug.

He holds his empty bottle up, signaling for another. “Denise is eyeing you. Go get your rocks off there. She’s a good girl.”

My eyes go to the blonde at the bar. Briar’s right. She’s a decent girl. I like her, and when I decide to use a club girl, she’s the one I always seek out. I even think about it right now, but she’s not who I want. Not even close. My mind and my cock are concentrating on a beautiful girl with cherry red lips and wondering if that juicy mouth tastes as sweet as it appears.

“Nah, man, I think I’m done for the night. I’m going to go shower and hit the bed. My dick’s too tired to party tonight anyways,” I lie. The fucker feels like he could go for days right now.

“Damn. I hope I never get that old.”

I don’t respond. Instead, I head to my room feeling older with each step. My brothers don’t know how lucky they’ve got it. Coming home to one woman and not having to deal with bullshit. Well, maybe they do. Skull and Torch, hell even Sabre and Latch seem pussy whipped and happy to be that way. The bastards were lucky. In my forty years, I can’t say there’s been one woman who stands out. It’s fucking sad. The women I’ve had, are just that. Women I’ve had. A sea of faces, and I can’t recall one clearly. Not a damn one.

Kicking off my boots, I crash back on the bed, clothes and all. I reach over on the bedside table and grab a half bottle of Jack, downing a couple drinks before I put it back. I let the burn settle and close my eyes. I’ll shower tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel better.

It doesn’t surprise me that when I close my eyes the first thing I see is the girl from before. It does surprise me that I don’t even try to fight it. Instead, I let myself dream of fucking her hard all night long. Hell, instead of feeling guilt, in one part of the dream I’m pretty sure I’m fucking her up against a school bus. Her perfect ‘C’ cup breasts are pressing against my chest, and her legs are wrapped around me as I pound into her, filling her completely. Jesus Christ, I’m a bastard.

Chapter Four


I’m running late. The Aunt Beth’s babies were cranky this morning. I took care of them and little Hunter this morning. I can’t make myself call Hunter, Bart or BB like everyone else does. That’s why I’m here. I mean I’m going to the party tomorrow for sure. I love Beth and Katie, and they’ve been really decent to me considering what my sperm donor did to put them through hell. But, the real reason I’m here is to help with the kids while they organize everything for the birthday party.

It’s just today is the day I have to take my SAT’s. It’s probably a waste of my time. I have zero interest in going to college. I don’t know what I want out of life, but I know that’s not it—another four plus years of school, no thanks. Sounds corny I guess, but I’d be happy with my life if it turned out like my aunts’. Married to a man I love and spending all my time with him sounds like a dream come true. I’ve never had big aspirations of a career or going abroad like some of my other friends. I like it here. However, to keep Pops from having an aneurism I agreed to get ready for college and to keep the peace, I am.

Pops has been good to me. Before him I didn’t have crap. I pretty much raised myself. I cooked my own dinners from the time I was nine years old. It was that or starve. Before that I made a lot of peanut butter sandwiches. I used to be mad at Pops and everyone in the Chrome Saints, until I realized very few people knew I existed. Viper, my sperm donor, kept me in a house away from the club and only one or two people knew I was even alive.

When Pops found me, he cried for days. I did too, but for different reasons. His tears were from the shame he felt that his granddaughter was forced to live the way I did. Mine were from the relief I felt when I was rescued. I fought hard to go to public school. I had been homeschooled by one of the club whores, and I wanted out. I wanted to breathe fresh air and meet other kids…be normal. Pops did everything he could to give me the normal life I craved and he continues to give me a lot more. The addition of my aunts only helps me to feel…ordinary. Say what you want, but being ordinary is amazing.

But, right now I’m running late for my SAT’s. I finally got the kids happy. It took my singing along with their favorite cartoon and building a big tower of blocks and pretending I was a monster knocking it over, but I got them settled enough to get in the car. I left Beth’s and brought them here to the club. An older woman that the girls trust, Mattah, is going to take care of them while I take my test. So, before I was late, now I’m really late. Added to that, I rush back to my car, only to find that for some reason it won’t start. I was only in there three minutes, tops! The car was fine before!

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