Shafted (Devil's Blaze MC Book 4)(2)

By: Jordan Marie

“Damn, you are getting old,” he says with a chuckle as he shakes his head.

“Nothing here seems to be holding my interest tonight. Club needs some new talent.”

“You need to settle down brother. Find you a good woman like my Steph,” he boasts.

“I think all the good ones are probably gone.”

“Nah, they’re still out there. Just hard to find,” Briar says.

I look around the room one last time. Just as I’m about to write the night off as a loss, she walks in.

“Who’s that?”

He looks around the room. “Who?”

“The chick that just walked through the door,” I tell him without taking my eyes off her. She’s fucking beautiful, and I don’t mean that in a normal way. Hell no, this chick could have just walked off the pages of a magazine. She’s got hair that you can’t really call blonde. It’s like multiple colors, blonde on top then slowly shifting to darker locks on the bottom, and every now and then there’s a strand of almost white. It’s cut so it curves toward a perfect face reaching below her shoulders. She’s got red lips that could make any man beg—including me. She’s wearing a black jacket, not leather, it’s more polished, expensive, though the look is similar. Under that she has a white shirt that clings to tight, perky breasts that are easily a ‘C’ cup. Perfect size to fill my large hands. Tight blue jean shorts that cling to her curvy ass and show off long fucking legs, that’d I’d give my eye teeth to feel wrapped around me. She’s wearing flip flops and fuck, even her toes are sexy, painted clear with bright white tips. There’s a silver ring around one of her toes and even that looks sexy. She looks around like she’s searching for someone. Me baby. You’re definitely searching for me.

Almost as if she can hear me, she looks at me. Those sweet red lips give into a smile, and I need her closer, so I can tell exactly what color those eyes are. I can feel my dick hardening. I reach down under the table to adjust him. I’ll be letting him play tonight, that’s for damn sure. I stare straight at the woman of my dreams. Is it coincidence that her tongue comes out to brush against her top lip, or is she trying to drive me in- fucking –sane?

“Down boy.” Briar puts his hand on my chest as if to hold me back. “That’s not for you.”

“Why the fuck not?” I shove his hand away. “She been claimed by one of the other brothers?” Please say no. Briar laughs, and as much as I hate it, I pull my eyes away from my dream woman and look at him. “What the fuck do you find so funny?”

“The fact that you’re setting yourself up for a whole hell of a lot of trouble.”

“Quit talking in circles, Briar. I got more important shit to do.” Like her.

“Not with her you don’t.”

“You’re starting to piss me off man.”

“That girl is off limits.” His tone is hard and matter of fact.

“Says who?”

His eyes harden. “Her family.”

“Give me a break. Do I look like I give a fuck?” What the fuck has he been moking?

“You might on this one.”

“I doubt it.”

“It’s your funeral.”

Standing up, I ignore the son of a bitch. My dick is so hard I could lay fucking bricks. I’ve got a much softer place in mind for him though.

“Something else might talk you out of it though.”

“I doubt it,” I repeat, walking toward my future.

“She’s jailbait,” he calls out after me.

Motherfucker. I stop mid-step, and I swear my dick would cry if he could.

Chapter Two


I’m early, and I was supposed to wait outside, but I couldn’t resist coming in. I’ve heard all the talk about the Devil’s Blaze men and it sure worked out for Beth and Katie. They’ve got good men who love them. I couldn’t resist seeing how the other side lives. Pops will have a fit, but I don’t really care. Maybe if I’m lucky he’ll never find out. I’ll just tell Katie I misunderstood. I can sell that, surely.

It takes me a minute after my eyes adjust to the change of light before I can focus. At first, I’m let down. I’ve never been inside the Blaze’s compound before. That’s something Pops has completely forbidden. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. This seems like any bar on any night of the week…well not really, maybe every night except Friday and Saturday, because this sure isn’t lively.

There’s some seventies rock playing over the speakers. There’s men at the bar and though a couple of them are cute, they aren’t anywhere close to the idea I had in my head of a biker. Maybe Beth and Katie just got lucky and got the only two hot bikers in existence. I should have learned from Pops, but a girl has to hope. I read these books and they make it sound…totally different, exciting even, and God knows I could use a little excitement in my life. Of course, if I had it, I’d need to keep Pops completely clueless. Glancing around the room, I feel several sets of eyes on me, but then again that’s nothing new. I don’t mean to sound conceited, I’m not. Not really. But, I do know I’m not unattractive—at least with some effort. I even use it to my advantage at times. I look around scanning their faces in search of my….

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