Shafted (Devil's Blaze MC Book 4)

By: Jordan Marie
A Devil’s Blaze MC Story


She’s barely legal. He’s more than twice her age.

None of it matters.

He’s about to show her why he’s nicknamed SHAFT.


Until Jax, I’ve never even had an interest in boys.

That’s just the thing though. Jax isn’t a boy.

He’s all man.

First, I gave him my innocence.

Second, I gave him my heart.

But when my family finds out about us…

I just hope I don’t get him killed.


She’s the granddaughter of a rival club’s President.

She’s barely legal and way too innocent for me.

I’m too old. Too hardened by life, but one taste of her and it’s too late.

I’ve claimed her as my own.

And I’ll die before I let anyone take her away from me.

Unfortunately, it might just come to that.

Bree says we’re soul mates.

Fated for each other.

When I’m staring down the barrel of a gun about to lose everything.

It seems like life fate might have given me the shaft.


I’ve been so blessed with an amazing group of ladies and I’m thankful for each of them. #BB4L I hope you all grow to love Shaft as much as I did. This book was supposed to be a novella and it didn’t work out that way. I had a picture purchased and then I met this amazing model at a book signing and I just had to make sure he was on this cover.

I’d like to thank Aubree Elizabeth Brown and Roxanne Smith for letting me use their names. Aubree was so sweet. I got to meet her in Florida and her name just clicked and I knew that I wanted a heroine with that name. Roxanne… dear…you name made me sing the Police song over and over and well like any good ear worm…I had to kill it. BUT I love you.

I hope you guys like this book. It’s completely independent you can read it without reading the rest of the series, though enjoyment might be better if you read all because you will see familiar faces all through the book.

This year will be busy for me. Beast’s book (Learning to Breathe) will finally be released (he’s next!), and then I’m returning to my bestselling Romantic Comedy books with Happy Trail and Black Lucas’s book (Title coming soon). I’m also working on a new series that I’m very, VERY excited about and I hope you will be too.

I will have links to my pages at the back of the book. Feel free to contact me, I love hearing from you guys!

Love you all!



Chapter One


“Fuck man,” I groan, all but falling down in the chair.

“Rough day old man?” Briar asks, and I flip him off. Bastard has a right to laugh. He and his old lady, Stephanie conveniently picked today to spend at Cumberland Falls. Conveniently, because today is the day the rest of the brothers and myself worked like fucking dogs, fixing up the outside of the club for BB and Diego’s birthdays. BB is a nickname for Torch and Katie’s little boy, and Diego is the president, Skull and his old lady Beth’s son. The two women are sisters and somehow managed to have kids on the exact same day just minutes apart. The Pres is going all out to make sure there’s a huge celebration for the boys’ second birthday.

It sure as hell don’t feel like they should be two already. Time flies fast, and damn if my body ain’t living proof of that today. I feel old all the way down to my bones. I’ve been a sworn in member of the Devil’s Blaze for the last two years, getting the nod from the other members during all that shit with Beth, Katie and the fucking Donahues.

It’s what I wanted, what I worked for, not even minding that I was serving as a pledge with men ten or more years younger than me. Now at forty, I’m probably one of the oldest members. It didn’t used to bother me, but lately I’m feeling like I missed out on something. Especially when men my age, or close to it have all settled down with old ladies, and here I am alone.

It’s not like I haven’t had relationships, I have. It’s just none of them are even slightly memorable. More often than not, I wish to hell I could forget them. I look through the room and it’s mostly quiet. The new prospects are partying with a few of the club girls. Even that—easy pussy, doesn’t interest me tonight and that is just fucking depressing. The club needs new women or something. Hell, maybe I need to get off my ass and get out and find a woman, a woman of my own. That just seems like too much fucking effort right now. Especially when I’ve been breaking up cement and shit all day to make way for the new patio that’s being poured tomorrow. My back hurts like a motherfucker.

“I think I’m crashing for the night brother,” I tell Briar, taking the last swig of my beer.

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