Sexin' My Man's Best Friend

By: Muneca P

Springfield, Ohio

I almost hated to say it, but once I hit my mid teenage years and saw the ways of the world, I knew I had and was going to be somebody in life. In my mind being a member of middle class society was a no go. After high school, I began searching for the “right man” to assist in putting me in a social class that I knew I couldn’t be in on my own. Fortunately, I didn’t have to look long. I found a sucker… wait, not a sucker but a man who didn’t want much but a pretty woman on his arm to smile, to attend charities events, professional dinners, and holiday celebrations within the medical field. Finally my life was perfect and I was one happy lady.

My husband, Dr. Taylor “TJ” Jones, was one of the top cardiac surgeons in Northern America. If you were in need of a heart transplant, my husband was the man to see. He wasn't your typical doctor though. He was a thirty-six year old black man who was both charming and handsome. From the moment I laid eyes on him at Saks Fifth Avenue I knew he was going to be my man—despite the fact that he was engaged to some gold-digging, blonde haired, blue-eyed whore at the time. After a few dates, and me laying this sweet kitty on him, he called off his engagement and scooped me up.

TJ’s mother had expressed that she was very pleased that he’d gotten rid of the white girl and realized that a Nubian queen such as myself, was a better fit. At the time of meeting Taylor, I was in school trying to become a licensed practical nurse. I knew that if I wanted that notoriety that I so longed for, I would more than likely find in in an emergency room setting. At twenty-seven I was living my life to the fullest, but during that mingling period I never stopped looking for a husband. I had heard a few times on t.v. while watching televangelists, that he who finds a wife, has found a good thing but I didn’t have time to be found, so I did the search and seize and indeed I’d found him; I’d found my good thing. At thirty-two years old, I was now a married woman to a wealthy, often sought out cardiologist and the mother of a gorgeous four-year old baby girl, named Tayla.

She was a beautiful combination of both her father and me. She had Taylor's chocolate complexion, along with his soft curly coal black hair, and she was born with my Hazel eyes that fit so beautifully on her cherub face. She was spoiled to the core, thanks to her father and me.

Taylor promised Tayla the world once he cut the umbilical cord and when I saw the tears running down his face, I knew then that there was nothing that he wouldn’t do to keep his girls happy.

I stepped out onto my balcony that was attached to our master bedroom and allowed the rays of sun to kiss me. The sun was beaming and the sky was blue; completely free of clouds. I loved the summer because we would throw BBQ's and have pool parties in which we invited our entire family from both sides. Taylor found joy pulling out the grill and becoming Chef TJ, throwing down with the ribs and watching our huge pool fill up with friends and family.

I untied my silk robe from around my waist and let it fall freely onto the patio’s wooden surface. I wore a nude colored bikini that hugged my body like it was a second skin. I gathered up my long Senegalese twist and styled them into a messy bun. Taylor loved the Senegalese twist, saying that it made me look like an African queen.

While looking out at our neighbors that were out early cutting their grass, I zoned out. It didn’t last long because the sound of the balcony door sliding open brought my day dreaming to a halt. I felt strong arms being wrapped around my tiny waist and Taylor's hard manhood poked me in my backside. He was trying to get some attention before he had to head out and as his wife, I was always here to cater to his needs. I wiggled and backed into him teasing his already rock hard shaft.

“Mmmm. You know I like when you do that, Sundy,” Taylor whispered in my ear softly.

The warmth and smell of his breath caused my body to shiver and caused me to get moist. A small giggle, then a moan escaped my lips as I turned facing him.

“I know you do, Tay. I know you like it even better when I do this....”

Without warning, I kneeled down in front of him and began to unbuckle his belt, while letting his dark gray slacks fall down to his ankles. I slowly pulled his penis out through the front of the boxers and inched my salivating, hot and ready mouth towards what I loved to call 'Chocolate Steel'. He was so ready, that I could already taste his pre-cum, which was slowly coating my tongue and I had YET to apply any suction from what he called his ‘Hoover Vac’. The smell of his secretion was causing my mouth to quickly leak just from the anticipation of what I was about to receive. I slowly slid his penis into my warm mouth and applied suction, while bobbing my head up and down slowly.

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