Saving His Princess(7)

By: Elisa Leigh

This woman, almost twenty years younger than me, sees in me what I see in her. We both need someone to take care of and love, just as we need someone to do the same for us. I kiss the top of her head, pull her body close to mine and hug her tight, then let her know I’ll be in the house soon to make us breakfast.

When she walks inside, I call the person I need to speak with the most, the one person who can get me what I need.

“It’s not even seven o’clock asshole, this better be an emergency,” Triton says, yawning into the phone.

“Is Lana one of the girls that was trafficked?” I ask through clenched teeth.

“You’re talking about the woman you brought home?”

“You know who I’m talking about Triton. Now tell me. Is she one of the women?”

He sighs. “I’m not sure yet. It’s possible, but I won’t know until I start digging into what was going on down there.”

“I want to know it all. How long was she in that house? How did she get there? Does she have any family to go home to?” Fuck that last one is like a dagger to my fucking heart.

I selfishly hope there’s no one. I’d hate for her to have to choose, but I’d make it impossible for her not to pick me if it came down to it. We’d figure out a way for her to talk to them but flying to Russia won’t be something we’ll be able to do often. I haven’t missed her adorable Russian accent, but we’ve had no time to talk, yet. Her accent is thick, and I’d bet my Harley she lived there recently.

“I’ll get started on it VP. I’ll call you when I have the details on your woman.” He hangs up, and the biggest smile spreads across my face. That’s fucking right, she’s my woman.

Walking into the house, I find her sitting at the island. She has the newspaper spread open in front of her, and she’s drinking her coffee while reading the funny pages. I sit beside her, and she almost jumps out of her chair.

“Kakogo cherta!” she says, clutching her chest.

“What did you say?” I laugh, and she scowls at me.

“I said ‘what the hell!’ You scared me.”

“I’m sorry. I only wanted to see what was making you smile over here, that way I can make sure you keep doing it.”

Her frown turns into a breathtaking smile. I know at this moment I won’t be able to last long without her beside me each day.

“What are you hungry for? I can make eggs and bacon, or I can make pancakes.”

“I love bacon!” She screams and looks at me with big, hopeful eyes.

I can’t help but laugh when she ducks her head like she’s embarrassed.

Lana clears her throat. “Sorry. I’ve only had it a few times before, but it is sooo good. Steven would only serve it when he had guests over, and I’d sneak some in the kitchen.” She frowns and looks down at her hands, lost in memories.

As much as I want to tear shit up every time she shares something with me about her time with Holly’s ex, I know she needs me to be strong.

I lift her chin, so she’s looking at me. When her grey eyes lock on mine, I know she’s with me. “You can have bacon whenever you want Princess. You want to eat bacon with every meal, we can do that. You want to try different kinds, we’ll do that too. Whatever you want, love, we can do it.”

Cupping her cheek, I lean in and kiss her softly. I know she’s not ready for us, but I need her to know a fraction of what I’m feeling. When she leans into my touch and swipes her tongue across my lips, I groan out, and she pulls away.

“Was that wrong?” She asks.

Sliding my hand into her hair, I pull her to me and skim my nose up her neck, inhaling the smell of my soap on her skin. Fuck, just the smell of my soap mixed with her sweet scent drives me crazy. I suck her earlobe into my mouth and nip it lightly. “That was so fucking right, Princess.” I pull back and kiss her flushed cheeks needing to do something before I lose control and push her up against the counter showing her all the ways I’ll love her.

I walk to the fridge and pull out the bacon and the fixings to make a cheese omelet. I might not know how to cook much, but I can do eggs and meat.

Chapter Six


I love bacon. Like I really love it. I’m stuffed after eating the yummy breakfast Vince made us. He refused to let me help him and told me my only job was to sit and be beautiful. I watched him cook and listened to him tell me about how his mom cooks for him, and it always made him feel better. I can tell by how he talks about her that she means a great deal to him. After finishing off my coffee, I take our plates and walk to the sink, setting our dishes down.

When I grab the sponge and turn on the water, I feel Vince come up behind me. He turns off the water and grabs my hand. Kissing my neck, he whispers “Stop.”

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