Saving His Princess(2)

By: Elisa Leigh

We decided before we left Meadville that Triton would stay on the plane, so we could be in and out. As soon as Triton lands the jet, I glance at Rash and Jester who are already standing, guns in hand, ready to get shit done. Rock and I are out of our seats seconds later following crazy one and crazy two.

I check my shoulder holster and make sure my guns are ready. I don’t know what I’m walking into and I’d prefer not to get shot today. I’m walking in knowing I’m prepared for anything to go down.

As soon as we get off the plane, I notice how pristine the grounds are. Should I be wearing a suit and tie for this rescue mission instead of my jeans and cut? I’m not even in the house yet, and my skin starts to crawl thinking about wearing a suit.

Jester draws his gun and is firing before I have the chance to stop him. He shoots the lock and then kicks the door open.

“Did you bother to see if the door was unlocked, or were you going for a grand entrance?” I ask crazy numero uno.

He shrugs and keeps walking, like what he did was normal behavior. We walk into the house but don’t get far when an older guy I recognize from the files comes running out a closed door. Jester points his gun at the guy and cocks it, steading his finger on the trigger. “One more fucking step and my finger slips. Do you understand?”

The guy jerks his head up and down, and I can’t help but roll my eyes. What a bitch. Rock walks over and grabs the pussy around the neck.

“Holly” Rash barks and the guy pisses his pants.

“You’ve got to be shitting me!” I yell, already fed up with the waste of space in front of us.

“Well, not yet,” Jester says laughing, still pointing the gun at Bernard. I read up on old Bernard here, and he’s as bad as the rest. Being loyal to a man like Prescott is a dumb move. Indulging in his product is even worse.

With guns drawn we walk into the closed office to find Holly dressed to the nines holding hands with the snake himself.

“I, Holly Bell, take Steven Prescott to-” Holly says stoically.

“Precious don’t finish that fucking sentence.” Rash orders, glaring at Prescott.

I hear a gun cock and look over to see Jester pointing his pistol at Prescott’s head. “Get your hands off our woman fuck head.”

He drops Holly’s hands, and Rash pulls her away from him.

Rock walks in with his arm wrapped around Bernard’s neck and addresses Holly. “Please tell me this isn’t the man that took you Hell’s Bells. I know you could have taken him on your own.”

She laughs. “No. Johnny took me. He’s about, well, the size of you. Less muscle though.” She laughs harder when Rock glares at her. When we hear something crash to the ground, her smile turns to a frown, and she runs out of the office, and I follow behind her.

“Help!” A woman screams. I find Johnny trying to pull the most devastatingly beautiful woman through the front door. Her clothes are torn, and she has blood dripping down her chin. I don’t need further explanation to know what happened to her.

“Fucking piece of shit!” I say to myself and draw my gun. I hadn’t intended on killing anyone today, but I’ll make an exception for him.

“Lana, down!” Holly yells.

As soon as she’s out of the way I pull the trigger and hit the fucker in the middle of the forehead. She cries out as he falls to the ground on top of her.

Her cries tear right through me, and I’m running to her, pushing him off her. She’s curled up in a ball, and her dark hair is in her eyes. I brush it out of her face and look into the stormiest pair of grey eyes I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t even make sense to me, but I know instantly I’ve just found the woman I’m going to spend my life loving.

“My Princess,” I say, stroking her cheek as she stares up at me, sucking her bottom lip into her mouth. “Beautiful, I’m never letting you go.” I pull her up into my arms, bridal style and carry her out of this fucked up house, to the plane.

Chapter Two

Svetlana “Lana” Ivanov

I hate my life. I hate living in this stupid house. When I first got here, I thought Steven Prescott was a great man. He seemed so normal and treated me well. I almost forgot I was sold because I assumed Steven cared for me at first. The first night I got here Steven set me up in the biggest room I had ever been in and gave me a closet full of beautiful clothing. We ate dinner together and even did things every day, like take walks and watch Steven’s favorite shows. There were also a few times he had guests over, and I was able to attend.

For the first month, I thought he had rescued me from Razor and his awful men. I respected him and wanted to make him happy. I even began to have feelings for him, which is crazy! Things started to change a little at a time and eventually Birgitta, the housekeeper never came back. When I asked Steven where she went, he snapped at me. This is the first time he had ever raised his voice at me before. A few days later, he told me she was fired for not knowing her place. This was the first time I felt as if things weren’t as good as they seemed. He asked me to help here and there with the housekeeping until he found someone new. He never did.

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