Run Little Bear

By: G. Bailey

The Forest Pack Series. Book Two.

In the fairytale, Goldilocks stole from the bears and got away...but stealing from bear shifters won’t be that easy.

When hunting a rogue wolf goes wrong, Gold finds herself saddled with a new mate that she can’t bring herself to turn in. There is only one place she can think to hide her rogue. With the bears...and the triplet brothers she has been running from. Her other mates.

When a teenage shifter goes missing, someone starts blackmailing Gold, sending her notes and making demands. Can she ignore them, risking her mates’ lives, or steal something sacred from her mates and risk their relationship?

She must decide before it’s too late for her fairytale ending...

For fairytales.

One year ago…

“Looking hot, Harper,” I call out, making Harper chuckle as I walk past her and Nikoli as they stand proud at the entrance to the ball. I smile when I look back for a second, noticing how Nikoli smiles warmly at Harper, his eyes telling everyone in the room how much she means to him with just one look.

“Drink?” one of the hired waiters asks, offering me a tray full of sparkling champagne in silver glasses. I take one, smiling at the waiter who I scent is just a human. He likely has no idea he is working a ball for various kinds of shifters. Including the royal family who will no doubt be here soon. I slowly sip my drink as I stare around the room, seeing everyone happy and dancing, relieved to be alive after the recent attack on the pack. My eyes drift across a mirror on the other side of the room, and I see my reflection in the gold revealing dress, which matches my gold hair that is curled down my back. I look like a doll, rather than the hunter I am. I suppose that can be useful sometimes. I spot an empty table just behind me, and I walk over, sitting down to watch my pack dance and enjoy the night.

“Mate. You’re my mate…I can’t fucking believe it,” a deep, shocked voice coughs out as three shadows stop right in front of me. I look up at the three men who have stopped right in front of me, scenting they are bears straight away…and triplets maybe? They all have thick brown hair, green eyes, and similar builds. I turn to the one that spoke, the leader of them I assume as he stands in the middle, his arms folded against his huge chest.

“What did you just say?” I ask, and he glances away from me for a second to stare at his two brothers. I bet they are the alphas of the nearby bear pack. The biggest pack of bear shifters in the world. Bears were nearly hunted to extinction about a hundred years ago, and to have a pack of them so big…well, it is amazing.

“She is my mate as well,” the one on the left states, his voice sounding like it’s made for seduction with a husky undertone.

“And me. God, we are lucky bastards,” the one on the right says, a big grin forming on his lips.

“Didn’t think our mate would be a wolf though,” the middle one grumbles. “The pack won’t be pleased with an alpha female wolf running it.”

“Woah, hold up,” I exclaim, standing up and staring all three of them down as I place my hands on my hips.

“Yes, gorgeous?” the middle one asks. Who the hell does he think he is, calling me gorgeous?

“You are not my mates,” I state resolutely. I don’t have three bear mates, when I’m a wolf. No one is that unlucky.

“We are, scent us. You will know,” he replies smoothly, stepping closer, and I move back, knocking into a chair that falls over. Suddenly our attention is drawn the door, where Snow and some man are arguing and shouting. I watch as Snow runs away from the man, with her daughter in her arms, and not looking back once. What the hell happened? My eyes meet Erik’s across the room as he starts to follow Snow, and I know straight away that something is wrong.

“My brother needs me, do excuse me,” I say, my words laced with sarcasm as I step around the bears. The one that hasn’t said more than one sentence stops me, grabbing my arm gently.

“We have waited years for you, and even if you keep us waiting, we will continue to do just that. Wait. When you need us, or want us, come to the Bearlay pack. Let us at least get your name before you run?” he asks firmly, his husky voice sending shivers through me as I pull my arm back and walk away, looking back only once.

“My name is Gold.”

“Why do I always have to play bait?” I ask Erik, grumbling as he smirks at me and leans against the car. It's getting ridiculous that I’m always the one that has to pretend to be some clueless innocent as I walk up to the rogue. So sexist.

“Because you have that innocent look. If I walked in that bar now, they would know I’m here to kill them,” Erik shrugs.

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