Rosalie's Player (The Kingston Heat Series Book 3)(3)

By: Ella Jade

“Really?” Sage shrugged. “I thought you would have kept in touch with him.”

“What made you think that?” Why would she want to even speak or think about a man like him? Because he was everything she could ever dream of in a guy. She wanted his lips on hers, his hands in places they didn’t belong, and his dirty words whispered in her ear.

“You two were inseparable for three days. You talked about him incessantly before you left. I thought you’d at least text him while you were at school.”

“I guess we were just too busy to keep up with one another.” Rosalie didn’t want to make a big deal about her non-existent relationship with a man she thought about all the time.

“What about Ryder? You managed to keep up with him,” Sage reminded her. “That wasn’t too complicated.”

“Ryder is anything but complicated.” He’s not Holt. “How did you know I was still talking to him?”

“He mentioned it to Nic.” Sage inspected her fingernails. “I need a manicure. You want to get one tomorrow?”


“Good, then you can tell me all about your plan.”

“What plan?”

“The one that involved you staying in contact with Holt’s roommate. The guy you’re not interested in.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Her sister had a knack for getting information. She always had, so it was no surprise when she became a journalist. Rosalie didn’t want to be front-page news.

“Come on, Rosie.” Sage shook her head. “I know you like Holt.”

“What’s not to like? He’s hot.”

“He’s unattainable, and that intrigues you.”

“What makes you say he’s unattainable?”

“He’s a player, not at all up to your high boyfriend standards. I know what you’re looking for and Holt isn’t it, but that’s not going to stop you.”

“Holt’s not my type. He told me that in no uncertain terms, and I’m cool with it.”

“You are?”

“Yes.” Rosalie laughed, trying to convince herself more than her sister. “I’m not desperate. I came out here to start a new life with you and your appealing, ridiculously sexy baseball hunk.”

“Nic loves you too.” She stood and looked at the clock on the mantel. “Here.” She reached into her pocket. “He told me to give you a ticket to tonight’s game.”


“Holt’s pitching.” She smirked, but Rosalie didn’t give her the satisfaction of talking about him anymore. “We’re all heading to Bennet’s after. I have to do post-game interviews. Nic left your name at the door, so you’ll have no problems getting in.”

“I thought it was a public bar.” Rosalie had been there two times with Holt and Ryder.

“It is, but during the season, the team meets after home games. They have a back room for them, and they try to limit the number of fans as much as possible so the guys can unwind.”

“The whole team is going?”

“Probably.” She headed toward the door. “You in?”

“I’ll be there.” Why not? She didn’t have to hide from Holt. There was a team of baseball players just waiting for her. Maybe there were a few who didn’t think the only way the night had to end was with sex. Perhaps some of them would want to take the time to get to know her.

“I’ll help you unload your car, and then I have to head to the station for makeup and hair.”

“The glam life.”

“Yeah.” She snickered. “It’s a dream job. I get to follow Nic around the country. I love it.”

“You’re doing great. The fans love the way you personalize all the guys. The Crushers are becoming even more famous now that you cover them. They didn’t need to win the World Series.”

“I’m having a blast. I’m glad you’re here with me now.”

“Me too.” She’d missed her sister while she was away at school. “Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to do with the rest of my life.”

“Don’t sweat it. You’re just twenty-two. You have time to figure it out.” Sage tossed her arm over Rosalie’s shoulder. “Enjoy the trust fund and the summer. You earned it after the phenomenal years you had at Yale.”

“I’m sure Dad won’t be pleased with me doing nothing. He’s already worried that I came to live here with all those horny baseball players running around town.”

“Yeah, he doesn’t want you falling for one too.” She opened the door and headed out to the car. “He’s just getting used to the idea of me and Nic.”

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