Robert:Book one in The Valentines Series(9)

By: Sam Crescent

He was angry. She could sense it.

Everyone they passed moved out of their way.

Eyes followed them. She could feel them boring into her back.

Robert Valentine dominated the entire club.

Moments later, he thrust her inside an empty room. At least, she hoped it was empty. The room was dark, with the only light coming from candles. It was small but cosy. A large bed and a cabinet filled the tiny space. The walls were painted black and the silk sheets were a deep shade of red—the colour of blood.

Swallowing past her fear, Sophie looked up at him.

His eyes were black, his body shaking with rage.

Instinctively, she took a step back.

He came forward, mirroring her every move.

“What are you doing here?” Each word was controlled as he spoke.

Sophie would have preferred the anger, the lash of his loud words. This side of him scared her more than anything had scared her in her life.

She looked away from his eyes, down at the black-carpeted floor. This entire club was so clichéd—darkness, danger and bloodshed.

This was the first time Sophie had entered his club but, now, time was of the essence. Whoever was following Katie needed to be stopped.

“I came to dance.” She spoke the words to the carpet. Her heart rate increased as he trapped her against the wall. The bed was less than three feet away.

“You allowed those men to touch you.” He spat the words. “Human men.”

“I’m a human, Robert.”

His fist connected with the wall by her head, making her jump and scream at the same time.

He wouldn’t hurt her. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her. She couldn’t explain how, but it was like a natural instinct.

“You’re my human. Mine.” He growled the words, moments before he slammed his mouth down on hers, taking a kiss from her lips.

The move was unexpected. Sophie stood there, his lips hard against hers. His teeth had extended with his anger and they were biting into her. Yet she responded to his kiss, hands moving to hold him close to her.

She cried out as she tasted her blood on her lips, but Robert was too fast. Moments later her head was pushed to the side, exposing her neck. Sophie screamed as he bit into the delicate column of her neck. Blood rushed from her. She couldn’t believe he was biting her, feeding from her. Three years, and he was taking from her without asking. She couldn’t help a wave of euphoria, misplaced though it was. She knew she was supposed to be feeling angry.

He pushed his lower body against her as he drank her down. She could feel the hot press of him. Sophie suddenly felt so tired. The blood was draining from her. She couldn’t move—she couldn’t do anything but submit to him.

Her last thoughts were of Katie.

No matter what happened, she had to keep Katie safe.

Katie twitched the curtain.

Yep, the car was sitting in the same place as it had been an hour ago. Outside her house. The car had darkened windows. No one could look in—only the observers inside could look out. Going to work was starting to terrify her. Everywhere she looked, she was sure people were following her. The voices she heard ordering her back to her house terrified her, too.

“Come on, Sophie, pick up,” Katie mumbled into her mobile phone, only for it to go to voice mail again. Groaning in frustration and temper, she placed the curtain back carefully, not wanting to alert the person in the car that she knew about them. She threw her phone onto the one remaining chair. Katie paced up and down her living room, wearing out the rug that her parents had bought years ago.

Sophie should be answering.

She picked up the phone once again and pressed the redial button, waiting for some response.

She shouldn’t have allowed Sophie to go. She was on a suicide mission. Only stupid, crazy people got into bed with the vampires.

“Well, I’m the crazy one,” she mumbled to herself.

Curiosity had her looking outside again. The car was still there. Swearing, Katie turned away from the window. She checked the locks on all the doors and turned the music up to full volume. Then she went in search of a map and the necklace Sophie had left when she had last stayed over.

It was dangerous and usually didn’t work, but it was worth a shot. The map allowed her to see Beyer West in all its glory and the object belonging to Sophie held a connection to her. The locket she used was one she’d given her on her twelfth birthday and it was unlike Sophie to take it off…unless she didn’t want to be found.

Cursing, Katie moved away from the map and held the locket. If Sophie didn’t want to be found, that meant she was up to something she didn’t want Katie to know about.

Indecision warred within her.

Giving up, Katie went back to the map.

She needed to find her.

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