Robert:Book one in The Valentines Series(8)

By: Sam Crescent

Through the bond, he had no choice but to protect Katie. What his mate loved, he loved. It was plain and simple.

“Look. I have no idea why this woman is so damned special to you. Nothing. Zip. She gets up and goes to work. She’s a frigging librarian, Rob. She doesn’t go out during the day. She leaves in the evening, works through the night, then goes home. Her cat has more bloody fun than she does,” William moaned.

“I’ve told you. The reason for this protection detail has something to do with Sophie’s friend.” Robert was sure, down to his unbeating heart, that Katie White held the answers he was seeking.

“You wouldn’t think that to watch her life.” William yawned. “She has to live the most boring life known to mankind.”

“Keep watching her.”

Robert hung up, staring at the image of his mate—willing her with all his might to spill her secrets and tell him everything he wanted to know.

Going back to his desk, he dismissed his minion and gathered up the file he’d managed to obtain on Sophie Ford. The only interesting thing about her—besides her spunk and the attitude that had been apparent at the Council three years earlier—was her bond and connection with the mysterious Katie White.

As he sat back, his mind filled with activity—a barrage of unanswered questions.

Come and get me.

Robert shot up out of his seat, looking all around himself.

I’m yours for the taking.

Rob looked at the screen. Her eyes stared right back at him. The bluest blue beckoning him to come and get her.

There was no way that she could know he could hear her thoughts.

But in truth, Robert did not care. Sophie Ford—his mate—was here, inside his club. His for the taking. And that was exactly what he was going to do.

He wasn’t a fool.

He wanted his bond mate and he was going to go and take her.

Sophie could sense how close he was. Energy sizzled along her skin, making it prickle with nervous excitement. She pushed her ass along the extended shaft of the man dancing behind her, doing everything within her power to call to Robert. She didn’t much care for the man she was dancing with—it wasn’t his attention she was trying to get.

Her body no longer felt like her own. Most days she felt possessed, itchy and irritable in her skin. Her mind was filled with nothing but the man she was bound to. She wrapped her arms around the neck of her dance partner, her mind seemingly attuned to him—but in actual fact, her eyes sought out the vampire closing in on her. Sophie had no choices left—she needed to be able to think past this wave of lust that constantly consumed her every waking thought.

The air around her was thick and her nipples responded to the heat, budding out, pressing against her bikini bra. She had dressed to get attention and she had finally got what she wanted.

It felt like magic—her entire body was on fire. She had known at once when he entered the dance section of the club. It was like a magnetic pulse around him.

He was there on the edge of the dance floor.


He caught her gaze and held it.

He wanted to kill the man she was dancing with. Sophie could sense his need for violence.

She didn’t care. Her dance partner was a means to an end. She had wanted Robert Valentine’s attention…and now she had it.

A sense of satisfaction washed over her.

She blinked and, as she opened her eyes, he was there, barely a breath away. It had been three years since the last time she’d seen him, but now he stood in front of her.

“Let her go.” His gaze remained on her, but his voice held the promise of pain for her new friend.

“Buzz off, man. This girl is taken.”

Sophie tensed. Of all the stupid things to say…

A second later, Robert had the butt-head pressed up against the bar, his body at a ninety-degree angle. It looked painful and Sophie winced.

“I said ‘let her go,’ and when I speak, you do what I say. Don’t come into my club again.”

Silence fell inside the club, the heavy music stopping as everyone took in the scene of vampire against human—the owner against the customer.

There were rules and this man had just broken the most important of them. Never go up against a vampire. Especially not the boss.

The man scrambled against the bar and tripped all the way to the door. Her would-be rescuer buttoned up his suit jacket, rearranged his sleeves, then looked around the room. Considering he’d just lashed out at a human in front of more than a hundred witnesses, he appeared remarkably calm and collected. Sophie couldn’t help but admire him.

He gestured for the other people to continue and music filled the silence. Dancers began shaking on the dance floor and the barman continued to serve drinks, the drama of moments ago forgotten. Robert took her by the arm, forcing her along the dimly lit corridor away from people—away from witnesses. Sophie could feel the pulse in her throat.

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