Robert:Book one in The Valentines Series(7)

By: Sam Crescent

Robert Valentine glanced up from his paperwork. “Well, send her in.”

“Um… Sir, she’s not here to see you.”

Robert could feel the first stirring of his animalistic temperament.

For three years, his mate had been plaguing him.

“Who is she here to see?”

Never before had he met a woman who’d literally run out on him and not returned any of his phone calls. Who’d wanted nothing more to do with him than to ensure protection for the ones she loved.

For the first time in his existence, Robert had begun to feel jealous of humans. He had never considered himself conceited, but he knew he was a good choice for a woman. Sophie wasn’t like other women. The one human female he’d been interested in and she’d all but walked out and left him stranded. Whenever he thought about her, his cock stiffened and he had to relieve himself or stay hard until her memory dissipated. Even now, hearing her name was like a direct signal to the thing in his pants.

“Well, show me her,” Robert snapped, his voice harder than he had intended.

The human minion fumbled for the remote control that worked the plasma screen on the wall facing his desk. He used it to keep a vigil over everyone in the club. His minion pressed a few buttons and Sophie came onto the screen. The pen in his hand snapped from the pressure of his fist.

Sophie was in his BDSM club, dancing and humping on his dance floor in nothing more than a miniskirt and bikini top. Men crowded round her as she swayed her luscious hips. Those hips were his and his alone. He ran a hand over his face, trying to gather his thoughts, already feeling exhilaration rushing over him—a strange combination of anger and happiness.

It had been three years since he’d last seen her. The only times he’d even heard from her had been the occasional, distant phone calls she’d made. Never once had she set foot in any building he owned. Robert didn’t even think she knew he owned clubs like this.

Her thoughts and feelings were pushing inside him. Having her this close was making it difficult for him to shut her out. It felt like Sophie was projecting at him, screaming for him to look up and take notice. Closing off his mind would be the only solution.

He wasn’t a human adolescent male who couldn’t control his urges and he wouldn’t allow his mate to think he was.

She was calling for him to come and get her.

His body wanted so badly to answer that call.

“How old is she now?” he asked.

“Twenty-four, sir.”

Sophie wanted his attention…and now she had it. For the last three years, he had watched and waited for her. He had known that sooner or later his blood would start to call to her. Visions of him would start to invade her every waking thought. Her dreams would be consumed by images of him. The final weakness and the test of the blood bond. Three years was a long time to wait, which proved Sophie was a strong mate. For three years, she’d rejected any chance of being with him.

Sophie had no idea of the power he held over her. The bond was only the beginning. He would own her completely when he finally took that one, precious part of her body. Her virginity was the final element of his ownership. She wouldn’t be able to lie to him, then. She would be entirely at his mercy.

But Robert hated that part of the bond. The obsessive nature it created. The craziness and lust. He wanted Sophie to come to him of her own free will, not be forced by some nasty trick of nature. It wasn’t right and it wasn’t fair.

Still, a part of him was pleased to see her again.

“Any news from my family?” Robert got up from his chair, moving around his desk towards the door. Trying not to let his mind stray to the beautiful vision on the screen.

“Your father wants to know how it is going with Miss Ford.” His minion looked down at the floor.

For three years, his father had pestered him to go and claim his mate by force. He wasn’t into force and he would never take a woman in such a manner. But it would seem that his father would get what he wanted—in a manner of speaking. The mouse had finally come to him.

“Get William on the phone.” Robert watched his bond mate strutting her stuff on the stage. A man held her hips in place as he thrust against her backside.

It should be his hands, should be him thrusting against her…

His brother’s voice came over the speaker phone. “What’s the matter, Rob?”

“Any news on Katie?” Ever since he had seen her best friend’s face pass through her mind—the love and care she felt for her clear—Robert had made sure she was watched twenty-four hours a day.

Only William dared to call him Rob. He wondered if his younger brother wished for death, given the way he tried to rouse his temper. William wasn’t known for keeping the peace. If anything he was usually the one to seek a fight.

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