Robert:Book one in The Valentines Series(4)

By: Sam Crescent

Sophie slit a tiny cut on the tender flesh inside her wrist. She turned her wrist up, displaying it to the others before moving to him for inspection.

The smell of blood permeated the room. The scent reminded Robert of vanilla and honey. He took hold of her wrist. He could feel the rapid beat of her pulse, giving away how scared she actually was. Sophie might talk tough but the little cat didn’t play it rough. He smiled at her, trying to calm her erratic nerves.

He flicked his tongue out, swiping the offered cut. The saliva his body created sealed the wound at once. Just a drop and he could taste her world on his tongue. She was indeed a virgin. Her blood tasted of the innocence of her body, the tender, caring nature of her soul…and the pain in her heart. Not every person’s blood was the same. The flavour differed for every person. If a whore had presented her wrist, her essence would have been dirty and soiled, like the world around her, on his lips. However, if a woman who’d been a whore cleaned up her act and stopped sleeping with men for money as she had in the past, then her blood would become clean—but not pure. There was a difference between clean blood and pure blood. Sophie’s blood would go for thousands of pounds on the black market.

He experienced the flavour of her emotions on his tongue. Her fear of her predicament but her very nature stopped her from losing control and giving in to her enemies… and she considered her parents the enemy. She wasn’t fighting for them, but for herself and her friend.

If only humans knew how much information they were giving away just through a drop of blood.

“She matches the terms of the contract,” Robert said, still holding her wrist in his grip.

Sophie wanted protection and he would make sure she got it.

“I want to add to the contract. My parents only negotiated for themselves—their wealth and protection guaranteed.”

“State your desires.”

“I want the deal to be extended to my loved ones. The people in my heart, whom I care about.” Sophie pressed a hand to her heart.

“We can’t do that,” Robert’s father told her.

“Yes, you can. Through the blood bond, the vampire to whom I become bound will have complete access to my thoughts, my essence, my very soul. In other words, he will have everything that is me. By that, I mean that I’ll be owned by him and him alone. Through that connection, he can create a link that will stop any harm coming to my friends—to my loved ones.”

Robert watched her. She was hiding something, he was sure of it. She wasn’t worried about her siblings—she was worried about one particular friend. A female friend.

“That is if a lifelong blood bond is brought into effect,” his father said.

“I’m prepared to do it.”

“Do you know what you’ll be agreeing to?” Robert asked.

Sophie nodded but didn’t speak.

“You’d be my woman, completely, to suck and fuck as I desired.”

“Robert, stop being crude,” his father said.

“By the blood bond she has a right to know.”

“And by that very bond I agree to the terms set out before me. I might be a woman but I know my own mind,” Sophie interrupted.

His father was not a stupid man. He was hard and blunt, but not stupid. A connection like this could strengthen his family. He would be able to sense great power—power that the Fords must have access to. Otherwise, their enquiry would have been pushed aside. Blood bonds like this, between a human family and an immortal, were few and far between.

For the most part, humans were there for blood—nothing more. Maybe the occasional screw.

Robert wished he could see inside her head and know what she was holding back from them.

“You will come willingly?”

The most important element of the blood bond ceremony was that the human taking part must be agreeable. The bond would not work without it—the mind and the body had to be in sync.

“Provided my terms are met.”

His father sat back, looking at Sophie with his head cocked to one side.

A tiny little blonde—plump and delicious—full of attitude. She was hiding something. Robert could sense it, even if the others could not. Yet this girl was strong. Her destiny was as a bond mate.

“The full ceremony will begin this evening. Take Miss Ford up to her chambers and have the ceremony room prepared and ready. I want this done immediately. Mr and Mrs Ford, your presence will be necessary for tonight only.”

With a shove of his hand, he dismissed the humans. Robert watched as Sophie was led out by a female blood donor they kept on tap for whenever sustenance was needed. His mother followed close behind them. He knew they would collect his two sisters before they began making preparations.

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