Robert:Book one in The Valentines Series(3)

By: Sam Crescent

“Well, then, be kind enough to share it with us,” Robert Valentine senior offered. Robert could tell that his father was amused by the girl’s guts. Very few humans had as much spirit when faced with something so much stronger than them.


“Well, does Sophie—”

“Sophie is the one you should be talking to.” Sophie unfolded her arms. She passed her parents, sending them a glare that clearly told them to back off. She moved closer to the centre stage, next to Robert.

Now he could smell her heavenly fragrance. Even her scent was delightful. He could live with this girl. Robert didn’t doubt it. The good thing about being a vampire was the ability to know and make up one’s mind when faced with something like this. It was why they were stronger. They took risks. This woman, he knew in his soul—the little he had, if he even had one at all—was meant for him. He had been taken by her at once, and he wanted her.

He admired her spunk, her beauty and her tantalising voice.

“Excuse me, Miss, but you must deal with respect—”

“With all due respect, sir, I give my respect only to people who have earned it. And since, by definition, a person is someone who breathes, you don’t qualify.”

Gasps of outrage filled the room. If Robert hadn’t been so amused by this little feminine package, he might have gathered the energy to be insulted.

“I could have you killed.”

“You can try—but just like you, I have a lot of backing. Besides, last I heard the humans were looking for any excuse to kick your sorry asses out of this town for good.”

Murmurs of curiosity replaced the outrage. She had them intrigued. Shit, she had him intrigued—but for an entirely different reason. He imagined the whole Council weren’t visualising her naked and spread out on their silk sheets driving their cocks into her wet heat. When he took her she would be slick and melting—he’d make sure of it with his tongue.

“Care to tell us of whom or what you speak?”


Silence descended on the hall. For the first time in centuries, a human was in control of the proceedings…and the vampires didn’t like it.

“My daughter can be a little headstrong—”

“Mrs Ford, your daughter is handling herself perfectly,” one of the Council members interrupted her.

So, her attitude was impressing more than just him. It was good to know. It suggested that they were going to agree to this bond. Sophie was either stupid, or indeed had knowledge the Council would want.

He was pleased. She had impressed him, and not taking her as a bond mate would be a huge mistake. She was strong and brave—a perfect combination for a vampire to mate with.

Robert was looking forward to it.

“My parents have bargained me away as the price for protection. I believe it is only fair that I get to make the negotiations,” Sophie said to the room at large.

“What if we only wish to deal with your parents?” Robert asked her. He wanted her undivided attention focused purely on him. To have those eyes staring into his own.

She turned her interest to him, fire flaring from the bluest eyes he’d ever seen. Having those eyes on him was worth her fury.

That’s it, my little hell-cat—burn me with your eyes.

“Then no deal. They don’t get their protection and you don’t get me.” She turned to the rest of the room. “I know the procedure—the blood bond that my parents want to happen requires a willing sacrifice.”

“What about the ‘virgin’ part?” Robert was having fun. This woman was a complete contrast to every other human female he’d ever come into contact with. He saw her blush and knew her innocence was intact. His body reacted violently to the knowledge that he would be the first and the last man to enter her body. His mind filled with images of taking her. How he would get her nice and wet, teasing her wet pussy until she was begging for his touch. Robert couldn’t stop his mind reacting. For the first time he needed a woman, and not just any woman, but Sophie Ford. His cock tented his trousers—if he was a human male he’d be embarrassed. He wanted the ceremony done and this woman naked beneath him as he drove his dick inside her. Vulgar words, but necessary. This virgin would be his. He would make certain of it.

“I’ve got that part as well.”

She shocked the whole hall of vampires when she pulled out a tiny pocket knife. She should have been searched before she was allowed onto the premises. No weapons were permitted in the building. The soldiers tensed and went for the guns at their sides. Bullets intended to kill any non-vampire species. Robert waited, knowing Sophie had no intention to harm. She wanted this deal as much as any of them, he was sure of it.

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