Robert:Book one in The Valentines Series(2)

By: Sam Crescent

He couldn’t deny the intrigue he felt about the girl, just from the picture he’d seen, but she was still a child. Her picture and family situation should not concern him or his family. Why did he suddenly have a bad vibe about the whole meeting? Robert glanced back at the file. The innocence clearly expressed in her beautiful features said that this girl hadn’t yet been tainted by the real world. He felt a tug at his heart, knowing that within months the smile would be gone, replaced by a frown and wary features. That was just part of life, but something within him didn’t want this girl to be affected by it.

This meeting was getting odder by the second.

Mr Ford retreated, leaving his wife to deal with the proceedings.

“The protection you offer is that no harm will come to the family, as well as you supplying money to cover our debts?” she asked.

His father nodded.

“The deal would be between Sophie and me,” Robert interrupted. He found that he wished to see the real-life vision of the girl in the photo. To witness her innocence himself and to see her reaction to him. Would she be as affected by him as he was by her?

“Sophie is outside.” Mrs Ford nodded at her husband to go and collect their daughter.

Five minutes later a small, plump blonde entered—or rather was pulled by the elbow into the room, one of their security guards holding her as her father walked in front.

“Get your hands off me,” the girl snapped, trying to shrug off the guard’s hold. After a few seconds of struggling, the guard left her at her parents’ side. Her father reached out to take hold of the same elbow the guard had been holding.

Robert could see the fear on her delicate face. He could imagine that being in a room full of the most dangerous vampires in the world might be a little scary. After all, they could kill them all within seconds and no one would ever know what had happened to them. It upset him to see that the wary look he had predicted was already present in her eyes. Even now she held a world of knowledge that she had no business knowing.

The Valentine family was extremely powerful. No one questioned them. They were a family to be reckoned with. It must have taken guts to come here begging for help.

Sophie pulled out of her father’s grip. She might be frightened but the little wild-cat had fire. He liked it. Robert felt the beginnings of a stirring in his groin. It would seem that his body liked her, too. He watched her, his eyes straying to every move she made, as she shifted away from her family to stand near him. She kept her eyes on the other creatures present. She knew the threat in the room, and it wasn’t him or her parents—it was the mature vampire sitting further along the table.

Robert admired her for stepping closer, but also for being alert. Sophie Ford wasn’t a stupid woman.

“My daughter will be the price for this protection.” Mrs Ford gestured to her daughter, determination dripping from her tone.

Robert could see the mother shaking for the first time since he’d seen her. It wasn’t an act…her daughter left her worried. Her daughter was unpredictable. Interesting.

“Does your daughter know what would be expected of her?” His father was intrigued by the family—Robert could hear it in his voice. Hell, he was intrigued, too—by the woman to whom, only moments ago, he’d referred as a child when speaking to her parents. The first human female to capture and hold his attention in a very long time.

He imagined it was the pure blonde locks. It had been so long since he’d seen natural, beautiful, long, blonde curls. Most of the women he’d met dyed their hair. The smell of the peroxide left a rancid taste in his mouth and the women always looked fake. He wondered if it was as silky as it appeared. The light on her hair gave the impression that the locks would be glorious and full. His fingers tingled to reach out and feel. He cut the impulse off. It wouldn’t do him any good, having her running away from him. Especially when they were about to partake in an intimate binding ceremony.

“The daughter has a name.” When she spoke at last, her voice echoed around the big hall.

He could hear her anger, resentment and defiance, all in that one brief sentence. His body responded to the outburst. All the blood in his body rushed to his dick. If he was alone, he’d take himself in hand and bring about a climax. It was like a beautiful pulse spreading inside his body, lighting up his world and mind. He would willingly have her talk the whole night away. In fact, he would fuck his fist as she whispered sexy, slutty stories to him. Robert shook his head. The woman stood less than three feet away—having sexy thoughts wouldn’t get him in her good books. First, he needed to make sure she agreed to the connection. At least he could say that her voice was pleasing to his ears, even edged with anger.

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