Promise Not to Tell(114)

By: Jayne Ann Krentz

Virginia blinked back the moisture that had somehow collected in her eyes.

“So do you,” she said.

“I am.” Octavia leaned forward briefly to brush her lips against Virginia’s cheek. “Anson was right. Happiness is overrated, but joy is a lasting gift.”

“You look spectacular,” Jessica said. She waved a cosmetic brush in triumph. “Don’t you dare cry and ruin all my hard work.”

“Time to go,” Octavia announced.

The three of them made their way downstairs and stopped in the doorway of the sunroom. Octavia and Jessica moved outside. The musicians struck a chord. Octavia and Jessica made their way along the carpet to the canopy.

Virginia’s pulse was dancing, but she was very certain she was not having an anxiety attack. She should know, she reminded herself. She was an expert on the subject. Octavia was right; the sensation she was experiencing today was joy.

Anson appeared in the doorway. He smiled at the sight of her and offered her his arm.

“You look beautiful,” he said. “Ready to do this?”

Virginia smiled. “Oh, yes.”

Together they went out into the sunshine and stopped at the top of the petal-strewn carpet. The musicians struck another chord. The guests rose. Virginia saw Cabot waiting for her. His foster brothers stood with him.

“Welcome to the family,” Anson said to Virginia.

She tucked her hand under his arm and walked with him down the aisle and into her future.

Promise Not to Tell

Jayne Ann Krentz

Readers Guide

Questions for Discussion

Trusting your gut instinct plays a major part in the book, whether it’s when Cabot Sutter trusts his investigator instincts, or when Virginia decides not to ignore her instincts that something seems off with Hannah’s “suicide.” Has there been a time when you knew that trusting your gut was the right thing to do? Were you ever wrong to do so?

Red herrings are used in mystery and suspense novels to throw the reader off the track of the real suspect. What were some of your favorite red herrings used in this book? Who did you think was really behind all of it?

Seattle comes alive as a character in the book, and not just the setting. Have you ever been to Seattle? How does Seattle play a role in defining the characters, and how appropriate is it that they are living in Seattle?

The book ends on a huge cliffhanger in terms of the real person at the heart of the novel. Who do you think Quinton Zane really is? What do you think he is planning to do?

Cabot and Virginia have a traumatic past in common, which brings them together. Do you think their shared past is also the main reason for their romantic interest in each other? Why or why not?

The theme of family is explored throughout the novel. Discuss the ways in which family is important to the various characters.

Cults have existed in society throughout human history. What do you think is the appeal of a cult, and why are people drawn to them? Do you know anyone who has had an experience with a cult? Was it a positive or negative experience?

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