Only For Her Dragon (Dragon Guard Series Book 6)

By: Julia Mills


Edited by Lisa Miller, Angel Editing Services

Proofread and Edited by Alicia Carmichal with AVC Proofreading

Proofread by Tammy Payne

Cover Designed by Linda Boulanger with Tell Tale Book Covers

Formatted by Charlene Bauer with Wickedly Bold Creations


Dare to Dream! Find the Strength to Act! Never Look Back!

Thank you, God.

To my girls, Liz and Em, I Love You. Every day, every way, always.


Index of the Words from the Original Language of the Dragon Kin

Drakes.........Male Dragons

Vibrias..........Female Dragons

Mo chroi’...........My Heart

Mo ghra’..........My Love


Ta’mo chroi istigh ionat..........My Heart Is Within You


Mo’ ghra’ ru’nda..........You Are My Everything

Is breá liom tú anois agus go deo..........Love to His Heart

E’adromar a anam..........Light to His Soul

Ta’ su’il a anseo..........Hope to His Future

Mianach Ini’on..........Daughter Mine

I gcónaí agus go deo. Mine grá..........Always and forever. Mine to love.

Teacht anseo, maite..........Come here, mate

Chosaint agus a sha’bha’il..........Protect and Save

O’n and bean naithe..........Amen and Blessings

Is brea’ liom tu’..........I Love You


“We haven’t had this much to drink since college,” Charlie slurred as her head fell to the side. “And I still have the incriminating photos to prove it.” She giggled. “I wonder what your hubby would think of that.”

“Oh, you know Lance, he’d just ask for a repeat performance.” Her best friend, Samantha, chuckled.

That was the problem...

Charlie didn’t know Lance, at least not like she thought she did. And what hurt the most was that she felt like she didn’t know Sam anymore either. There’d been a time when they’d shared everything, a time when the longest they could go without talking was twenty-four hours. When Sam married Lance Kavanaugh a little over a year ago, that all changed.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, things got exponentially more complicated a couple of weeks ago.

The guy who said ‘Life changes in the blink of an eye’ definitely knew what he was talking about. One minute Charlie had been kissing the sexiest man she’d ever met, and the next she had been looking at a dragon...a freakin’ dragon.

Of course, Aaron had told her to go back to the party before he’d sped away, but Dr. Charlene Gallagher did not take orders. She followed the man that continued to haunt her dreams at what she thought was a safe distance. Running in heels across the forest floor, barely able to see his back, Charlie seriously doubted her judgment. That was before she heard the sounds of someone in distress. As the daughter of a policeman, and a trained doctor, she rushed headlong into the clearing.

It had taken her brain a second to process what was in front of her....and when it did, she absolutely could not believe her eyes.

There stood Sam, alongside her new family, looking at a mythical creature. They all seemed somewhat stunned, but for the most part not near as freaked as Charlie felt.

Is it still considered mythical if I saw it with my own eyes? A question she still pondered.

Too much wine...think about it tomorrow.

Charlie had done the only thing she could. She’d run...far and her car. Then she drove like Danica Patrick straight to her condo. Once inside, with all four locks secured and the curtains drawn, she’d taken her first real breath. The floodgates opened, and for the next twelve hours, she alternated between screaming, crying, and cursing.

The sun rose as she stared out her bedroom window, too drained to move. Sleep finally came.... and so did the dreams. Erotic dreams of passionate kisses and eyes as blue as the ocean, which then turned to dreams of dragons and knights fighting battles she’d only ever read about. Fortunately, her cellphone rang three hours later. Unfortunately, Sam’s name came across the display. Charlie hit ignore.

And she hit ignore every hour on the hour for the next two days.

The morning of the third day she called the hospital where she and Sam were both residents. Told them she had a family emergency and needed time off. When the woman in Human Resources informed her that she had accrued six weeks of leave, all Charlie could do was didn’t seem like enough.

Mustering up her courage, she then called Sam. Curt and to the point, Charlie said, “Staying at the cottage. Do not come. I’ll call when I’m ready.”

It was probably a dick move since the house was Sam’s, but Charlie couldn’t care. Hitting the button to disconnect the call, she dropped her cell on the couch and once again fell into a mess of tears and anger.

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