Once Mated Twice Shy(9)

By: K.S. Martin

“I’m sorry for what it’s worth Colette. I do love you and I always will. I’ll let you have your life but if you ever come to your senses and change your mind, you know where to find me.” He stepped through the doorway and closed the door quietly. Lettie shuddered. She’d never seen him like that, utterly defeated. Lettie thought she would feel triumphant but she didn’t. It made her feel empty but it was finally over. His mark was fading. She could feel it leaving her skin. Hurrying to the mirror and pulling her shirt aside she watched it disappear. She was free.

Chapter Four

Lettie opened her door and shifted into her wolf. It was nearly one and someone was in the grocery store below. The store closed hours ago. Whoever it was would get a shock. Most robbers wouldn’t count on running into a wolf when breaking into a grocery store. She’d already called Mister Thompson and he was calling the police. She loped down the stairs and up the diaper aisle. The coffee aisle would’ve been closer, but she couldn’t scent in that aisle, only coffee would fill her nose. Lettie crept around a corner and met three enormous wolves. She was the one who was shocked instead. The biggest turned and snarled then yipped alerting his pack. Lettie turned and scrambled for the back. She didn’t know them. They weren’t from her pack. She whizzed past a blur of merchandise. There were rumors of a trio of rogue wolves in the area but she’d paid the rumors no mind. She was safe in her bungalow among her pack. It wouldn’t surprise her if Jordan sent them just to prove a point. Lettie skidded around the end cap and came face to face with two more. The other three were still running down the coffee aisle trying to head her off. Lettie was quick but not as quick as she should have been. The floor was extra slick tonight because Mister Thompson had it buffed earlier after closing. Damn it! Lettie tried to turn but the trio blocked the way. Five of them altogether, the rumors weren’t true. It was often the case. Another paced up behind the two. Six of them, what was this a rogue pack? Crap! Where were the police? Where was Mister Thompson? Maybe if he turned the lights on it would scare them away. Lettie whimpered. The wolves shifted into men and she tried to bolt but they had her pinned. “Shift!” The biggest commanded. He was dirty, she could smell his unclean body, and it assaulted her wolf’s nose. He was their alpha and she had to submit.

“I told you there was a she wolf in here. Party time boys! Lettie shifted and they were on her. They were far too strong to fight off and they were going to do whatever they wanted to her. Surely even Jordan wasn’t this cruel. The most that she could hope for now was for Mister Thompson to come with the police. She hoped that they hurried. Why didn’t she stay in her apartment and hide? Just because she was a wolf in human territory didn’t mean that she was powerful and they were proving it. The world lost focus. Shapes blended, pain spread through her and she could hear someone screaming. She thought it might be her.


Lettie’s nose twitched. Jordan. She struggled to open her eyes but couldn’t. Her body hurt. She groaned. They’d beaten her. They’d bitten her, repeatedly. Had they raped her? They’d taken turns at her? Lettie shivered. The images were fuzzy and the details were unclear. These things happened she was sure but the details…the devil was in the details. Her head hurt. She had a fever, strange for a wolf. Wolves didn’t get sick but she was sick. “It’s okay. You’re okay.” His words were soft and he mopped her brow with a cool wash cloth. What was she doing in Jordan’s bed? How did she get here? She had to get out of here before he did more of the same to her as the rogues. Lettie struggled to get up. Her mind blurred and she still couldn’t open her eyes. Why couldn’t she open her eyes? The world spun. “You’re not well Lettie. You’re bruised and swollen. You have a fever and you need to lay still. The doc has been checking on you but he’s got you on some strong meds. You can’t be alone so just stay still. Get some rest.” She drifted off.

“How is she doc?” She heard Jordan. He sounded concerned, not at all like his usual self. How long had she slept?

“I’m concerned Jordan. I’ve never seen a wolf this sick. What they did to her is beyond disturbing but I’ve never seen this strain of bacteria in a wolf. If this fever doesn’t break soon…” Doctor Lee sounded more concerned than Jordan, not at all like his usual self either. Usually he was a happy go lucky kind of guy but then really why wouldn’t he be? He delivered babies and played golf. Once in awhile someone got a little sick with a virus and he had to actually be a doctor. Today sounded like one of those days. No golf today doc.

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