Once Mated Twice Shy(8)

By: K.S. Martin

“Over, in, same thing, still under the same roof.” He edged even closer and her heart started banging loudly. He was going to hurt her. She moved away from the dishes in hopes that they wouldn’t be collateral damage when he did. Jordan advanced until she backed up against the bed. “I came to tell you a few things Lettie.” She was going to listen. He was going to make her listen to him.

“I don’t care to hear anything you have to say.” She crossed her arms mimicking his stance. He edged closer still and forced her to sit to get away from him. Jordan took advantage and pushed her back onto the bed. Lettie swallowed hard. He was frightening and sexy all at the same time. Lettie would always be attracted to him. She couldn’t help the way her body responded to him even if she hated him.

“I’m going to talk and you’re going to listen.” His eyes flashed and hers flashed back at him. “I want you to come home. I need you to help me balance the books. I need your help with the pack.” He demanded.

“You rejected me Jordan. You left me to fend for myself. I have no interest in helping you or your pack.” Lettie ground her teeth. She was very angry with him.

“Our pack.” Jordan countered.

“No. Your pack. You kicked me out of the pack. You’ve done everything you could to make me unhappy and uncomfortable. You took the money, the truck, the house, and my pride Jordan. You made me regret ever meeting you, regret ever being born. You rejected me and now you need my help? No!”

“I didn’t reject you Lettie. I know what I said but I never meant it. You have to know that. You have to feel it. I never kicked you out of the pack either. I wouldn’t.” He tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and she shrugged him off. Damn, she was pissed.

“All I feel for you is hate, Jordan. I was your mate, I was supposed to be more important than anything else to you, but I wasn’t. Pack politics are more important. Congratulations. You’re in the thick of it now.” Lettie tried to wiggle out from under him.

“I did those things for us.” He shifted his weight and trapped her beneath him so that she couldn’t move. He was not letting her get away.

“You did those things for you. I never wanted those things. I wanted you then you rejected me. You spit in my face and you said the words. You did everything that you could to make me feel your rejection. She struggled again ineffectively.

“I know. I…damn it. I didn’t mean any of it. I know that I made you angry but I just didn’t know how to…” He closed his eyes and took a calming breath.

“Do you remember the last week that we lived together? You marched across my floor with muddy boots not once, not twice but six times Jordan and then you ruined one of the two things that my Grams left me. You knew how much she meant to me, you knew she was the only one that ever made me feel like someone loved me and you stomped your nasty muddy boots over my rug. You knew how much I loved that rug and you ruined it. Look at it!” She pointed down. Her voice was cruel and nasty as he glanced down at the beige rug with the big pink and yellow roses on it. Pink and yellow roses stained with red clay. He grimaced. He’d done that. He ruined something that she loved. He’d been cruel and inconsiderate that night, many nights. “You shit on everything I had worth having Jordan. You didn’t care about my feelings then and you don’t care now. You’re the alpha and you’ve found yourself in a mess that you can’t figure out. You want me to get you out of it just like when we were young and you couldn’t do your homework. No. I reject you Jordan Giroux. I didn’t say the words before but I will now. I reject you and your pack. Get out of my place Jordan and don’t you ever come back here.”

“You can’t live on your own without a pack. Who will protect you? Who will take care of you?” His eyes flashed dangerously at her. His chest heaved and he was near to losing control of his wolf.

“It’s funny Jordan but living on my own doesn’t feel much different than living with you.” She hissed calmly but her pulse pounded at the base of her throat. “Except that there’s less cooking and less mopping.” She’d had enough of this and of him.

“If there’s no one to protect you Lettie, things can happen to you. Men can do things to you.” He ground his hips viciously into hers and she sneered at him. “If there’s no one to take care of you, a man could do anything that he wanted to you.” Her face calmed and she whispered.

“Go ahead Jordan. You’ve taken everything else, take my dignity too, and then you’ll have it all. You make me understand suicide.” Lettie showed him her throat. If he wanted, he could rip it out and end it all. Jordan swallowed and pushed off of her. He stood and turned on one heel but stopped when he got to the door. He didn’t turn around but his voice was eerily calm when he spoke.

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