Once Mated Twice Shy(37)

By: K.S. Martin


Jordan stretched in the warm bed. She was not beside him. He hated it when she got up first unless she brought coffee back to bed to surprise him. There was no coffee anywhere! His mood started to turn grumpy until he smelled bacon. Jordan hopped into his jeans and shoved his feet into his slippers. Following his nose out to the kitchen, he smiled at his mate. God she was beautiful. They kept the inheritance a secret. The pack would expect to laze around doing nothing if they knew that they were rich and Jordan believed they were happier poor. They enjoyed hunting for their food and digging it up out of the earth. The cold frame gardens worked wonderfully during the winter and they had fresh vegetables all season. Now the entire pack had gardens in their backyard and soon they would be canning a zillion tomatoes and pickling cucumbers. Nelly found canning recipes for nearly every vegetable in existence. Jordan had already decided to throw a barbeque feast in her grandmother’s honor at harvest time. Thank God for Nelly’s grandma Beatrix. She saved them from starvation and she deserved to be honored for it. He considered making a pack holiday called Beatrix Day that they would observe with a feast every year like Thanksgiving. Jordan never wanted to be rich but he never wanted to be poor either. A wolf needs meat, a mate, pups, and a soft bed to be content he thought and soon he would have all of those things. Lettie stuck a piece of bacon in her mouth and turned to put a pancake under the lid covering them. She saw him and grinned. God she was beautiful pregnant. As soon as she had this pup and came back into season, he would go for number two if she would agree. They had plenty of food, shelter and the means to buy all the video games that she thought a pup needed. She was happy. He would take credit for that. It was a long rough road to get here but she was happy and that was all Jordan ever wanted.


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