No More Waiting (The James Family Book 3)

By: C.M. Steele



Christmas break. Damn, my flight would be leaving in three hours to go back to Seattle. I wasn’t looking forward to it. I’d never heard of a student not wanting to go home on vacation in real life. Sure, Harry Potter didn’t want to go home to his Uncle’s home, but anyone with family like that would like to stay at school. I didn’t have a hateful family. In fact, I had loving parents and two big brothers.

So why wouldn’t I want to go home? I didn’t care for college, and that was why I didn’t want to go home. I didn’t want to see what I was missing. The life I had back in Seattle and my family all around. It was childish, but I never spent that much time away from them before. Packing my suitcase, I gathered all the gifts I’d gotten my brothers and parents. It wasn’t a lot because I really didn’t want to shop or do anything. Most would say that I was homesick. I was.

They say college isn’t for everyone, and they were right. My grades in high school weren’t the best. How I thought I could make it in college was beyond me. Naturally, learning came harder to me, and now I was away from the people that helped push me through the four years of hell in high school. Who was going to get me through the next four years? It was my family’s fault I went to school anyway. If they hadn’t been so damn perfect, I wouldn’t have to prove myself. They hadn’t approved of it, but they knew it wasn’t really up to them.

My brother Cameron tried to talk me out of it, but no—I had become an adult. I remembered the first time I mentioned that I was going all the way to Illinois for college.

We were eating ice cream on a Sunday night out on the veranda. “So bro, I’m going to college this fall in Illinois.”

Cam’s eyes bugged out in pure shock and he had ice cream dribbling down his chin. He was handsome, but that look on his face still cracked me up. Reaching for a napkin, he wiped the chocolate off his face. “Vanessa, please. Why do you need to go so far away? The weather there isn’t much better than here. They get tornados,” he said seriously.

“Cam, I don’t want to be dependent on everyone all my life,” I whined. I really hated my reliance on them. They were all hardworking, brilliant, and successful.

“You aren’t. You have your own inheritance, so technically you don’t need any of us once you’re married or twenty-one. I definitely hope it’s the latter, but you’ll be well off.”

“I need this, Cam. Mom and Dad are onboard even though they’re not happy about it. Please don’t try to talk me out of it.”

“Okay, Van, but promise if you need anything or have a problem that you can’t handle don’t hesitate to call. I’ll be there in a flash.”


I sat on my bed hoping that going back home wouldn’t be everything I fondly remembered. My phone buzzed with a text from the cab company. They were downstairs. I walked out of my dorm and jumped in the cab. I shared my room with one other girl who was the complete opposite of me. She partied since the first day she got there, but she left to go back home a day before the semester finished. I was one of the few who were still at school. It was like a ghost town when I left.

It wasn’t too long before I was on the plane waiting for it to take off. I was about to turn off my wifi on my phone and put it in airplane mode when a text came in from my brother Cam. Sorry, Van. Can’t pick you up, but my head of security will. His name is Tim. I’ll send you his employee photo so you know who to be waiting for.

Okay, was all I texted back.

I second later the photo popped up. Holy shit! This was the guy who was picking me up? I had to zoom in to get him closer to me; he was so fine. I damn near licked my screen. Thankfully, I held back because the flight attendant came up to tell me it was time to switch to airplane mode.

After doing as she asked, I went back to the photo. Hot damn. His thick head of hair was perfect for the photo, but all I could think of was running my hands through it, fucking it all up. I swallowed several times as I thought about his mouth. It was so bad the flight attendant asked if I was afraid of flying and if I needed some water.

“Yes, please. I’m not afraid to fly, just anxious to go home.” I really was. The instant I saw his face, Tim made me want to come home. It was chiseled and strong. His brows screamed all man. Every inch of the small image had me panting. His broad shoulders barely made it into the photo. Suddenly I was jealous of the woman that worked in HR who took the staff pictures. She got to stare at him. I bet she even kept a copy for herself. I worked myself into a fit, like this guy was mine in a matter of a heartbeat. I knew nothing about him except that he worked for Cameron. They often sparred in the gym downstairs, but I never met him before. Since Cam worked a lot, I didn’t want to interrupt him when he was getting his workouts in.

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