By: Sam Crescent

He pushed her back against the desk, and shoved the papers and pens out of the way. They crashed to the floor at the same time that he took her lips, kissing her.

“You taste so fucking good,” he said.

“I had a cinnamon roll this morning.”

“Fuck, baby.” He deepened the kiss, needing more, and it wasn’t just about the cinnamon either. It was everything. It was all of her. Sliding his hands up the inside of her thighs, he cupped her pussy, finding her soaking wet. He loved a soaking wet pussy. There was nothing worse than a woman who was faking it all.

She cried out, arching up once again, and he took advantage, sucking on her nipples, biting down on the buds and flicking the tips.

Thrusting two fingers inside her, he ran his thumb across her clit.

“Tell me you want this,” he said.

“I want this. I want this so much. I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t be doing this.”

He paused. “Why?”

“Because you dated my sister.”

“Summer has nothing to do this with. I’ve not seen or heard from her in years. If you don’t want to do anything, you tell me. As far as I’m concerned this is between the two of us. No one else.”

Chapter Three

He was giving her the out she needed, but she didn’t want to take it. Not now, not ever. Carter was between her thighs with his perfectly skilled hands on her body. They were both naked, apart from him having jeans around his knees.

“I don’t want to stop.” Autumn bit her lip, thinking about her sister one final time, and then pushing her aside. Summer hadn’t spoken about Carter, or even showed that she cared.

This was not wrong.

Carter was a free agent, and with that, Autumn was ready.

“Good, because I don’t want to stop.” He knelt down between her thighs, and his mouth was on her clit, sucking the nub inside.

“Oh, God!” She collapsed onto his desk, unable to hold herself up as his wicked tongue danced across her pussy. He flicked her clit, sucked it inside his mouth, using his teeth to bite down before sliding to her entrance. His tongue thrust inside her pussy, and she screamed his name. His fingers stroked through her slit, following the path of his tongue.



“The name’s Carter, not God.” He thrust two fingers inside her, and started to stretch her pussy. “You’re so damn tight, and in case you haven’t seen, I’m big.”

“I saw.” She had seen how big he was, and it was easy to say that he was the biggest she’d ever seen.

“I’m going to fuck you so damn hard that every time you walk you’re going to be feeling it.”

She could do nothing but moan at his words. She wanted that. She wanted him, there was no denying that.

He sucked her clit hard, using his teeth. The pain was almost too much for her to bear, and then it was overtaken by pleasure as he released her, soothing out the pain with the flat of his tongue.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“That’s what we’re going to do, but first you’re going to come all over my face.”

Carter fucked her pussy with his fingers, sliding deep inside her, and pulling out to soothe over her clit from her teeth.

“So good, so good.” She’d never had this feeling at all. None of the men she had been with had ever given her this. She was flying higher and higher with every passing second, making her want more and more.

He knew what he was doing. There was no denying that.

“Such a sweet pussy. Such a nice pussy.” He sucked her clit, and as it was in his mouth, he flicked the nub, and she flew, hurtling into orgasm.

Screaming his name, she came all over his face, losing every single part of herself as she did.

Carter shattered her world, and she knew without a doubt that there was no way to put it back together, not now. She’d been used to the quick fumbles in the world. The occasional quick touch before the main event. No man had ever gone down on her, never offered her oral.

He moved up from between her thighs, and she watched as he rolled the condom over his large dick.

Then he moved between her thighs, and the tip caressed between her slit. He coated the condom with her cum, and then the tip was at her entrance. “I’m going to fuck you, baby. It’s going to be so damn hard.”

He pushed the head inside her, and she gasped. Already the fit was a little tight. Suddenly he pulled out of her, and in one quick movement, he flipped her over so that she was on her stomach. He spread the cheeks of her ass open, and his fingers teased between her thighs.

His cock was at her entrance once again, only instead of him going slow, with one hard thrust, he filled her tight pussy, and she screamed. There was pain from the thickness of his cock. Not only was he long, he was wide as well, and she wasn’t used to being filled to the brim.

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