By: Sam Crescent

“I don’t want to trouble you. I can get a taxi.”

“Not a chance. It’s no trouble.” He hung her keys up on the appropriate hook and turned to smile at her. His dick was still rock hard, but Autumn wasn’t looking at his pants. No, she was staring through the window, out toward her car. “I won’t hurt you.”

“I know you won’t, silly. Sorry. I don’t know how Summer would react to me arriving with you.”

“Then I’ll drop you down the street from wherever you need to go.”

“You’d do that?”

“Yeah. I offered, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, yeah, you did.”

She stood, and he waited for her to leave the office, admiring the curves of her ass. Following behind her, he locked up the shop, and opened her door for her.

“Thank you.”

He didn’t say anything as he rounded the car, and climbed in. Starting up his motor, he listened as she gave him directions to some swanky Italian place. He should have known Summer would pick something so expensive and stupid.

Pulling out of the parking lot, he told her he’d be a second, and locked up the gates.

“Do you like being a mechanic?” she asked when he climbed back into the car.

“I love doing shit with my hands. Cars are easy to fix. There’s always a clue and a part to put together. Your car is in good hands.”

“Thanks. I know it’s old, but I love it.”

He’d take care of it, for her, he would.

“Do you know where you’re going?”

“Yeah, I know the place.”

“Thank God. I thought I was going to get lost. I’ve never heard of it before.” She pulled off her jacket and pulled her hair back into a ponytail.

He wished she’d leave it down. There were many dirty things he’d gladly do with the length. The main one would be wrapping it around his fist as he fucked into her nice tight pussy.

His cock had a mind of its own.

She let out a breath. “I hope she hasn’t gone too crazy. I’m not very good with crowds.”

“If I know Summer like I know her, then there’s going to be a lot of people there. Just have a glass of wine or a beer, whichever is your poison, take a seat, and watch. That’s what I did.”

“Are you married?” she asked.

He frowned. “Hell no, why would you ask that?”

“No, I just, Summer said something when you guys broke up, and I just wondered if you’d settled down.”

Carter glanced over at her. He knew the real reason why he and Summer had broken up, but what the fuck did Autumn think?

“Why do you think Summer and I broke up?” he asked.

“You cheated on her.”

“What?” He yelled the word, somewhat shocked that Summer would lie. It was all in the past, and no hard feelings, but what the fuck!

“That didn’t happen?”

“No. It didn’t.” He scoffed. “She cheated on me with some guy who was the partner at some firm.”

“Malcolm! She cheated on you with strait-laced Malcolm?”

She sounded shocked by that.

“Yep, walked into her office, and found her rocking his cock to a whole new tune. Anyway, didn’t really give a shit. It was just fun between the two of us.” He did however go and get a checkup afterward just to make sure. He wrapped his dick, but he didn’t want to take any chances, especially not with his health.

“Wow, I had no idea. I mean, I thought you were the one cheating. I can’t believe my sister would lie to me. We’re a lot of things, but she’s never lied to me.” He was sure he heard the cogs inside her head turning. “They say you learn something new every day.”

“Bet you didn’t think it was going to be that, did you?”

“No. Are you okay?”

“It didn’t bother me, Autumn. I didn’t love your sister, and the relationship didn’t mean anything to me.” It was a passing phase in his world.

“Oh, okay then.”

They drove in silence for several minutes. “What about you? Any lovers, boyfriends, or husbands?”

“Not a chance. I’ve found boyfriends are a little … boring.”

“Really, boring?”

“Yeah. I’m not interested in doing the whole couples thing, going out with friends, cooking for his friends. I had one boyfriend who thought I was going to bake and cook for him and his pals while they went out and partied, and then came on to my place. I don’t think so. That’s not a relationship. I’m not after that.”

He was intrigued now. “What exactly are you after?” He chanced another glance over at her.

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