By: Sam Crescent

“I’m sorry. Are you sure it’s not too much trouble? I wouldn’t want to put you out.”

“It’s no trouble. Come on. Bring her in, and I’ll get everything sorted.”

Driving into the lot, she followed his direction, and all the time she tried to tell herself why she should get the car picked up to go elsewhere.

What was the point taking her broken car anywhere else? Everywhere was shut, and it was a miracle Carter was open.

“I didn’t know you worked here,” she said, climbing out of the car.

“I own this place. I took it over from the original owner. It’s no problem. Cars have always been my thing.” He walked around the car. “Isn’t this Summer’s old car?”

Heat filled her cheeks.

“Yeah, it was given to me as an eighteenth birthday present. I just can’t bring myself to sell it. It’s not like she drove it, and when she doesn’t fall apart, she works like a dream.”

“When you have a sound engine, it’s impossible to get rid of something so good.” He nodded. “Come on, we’ll book her in.”

They entered his office, and she was aware of the small space, with the scent of car oils and Carter heady in the air.

She took a deep breath and tried to focus on being normal.

Don’t be a freak in front of him.

“When can you have it fixed by?” she asked.

“A couple of days.” He held his hand out, and she placed the keys in his palm.

I can do this.

Just act calm.

He took the keys flicking them in his palm, and he whistled.

She tried to look at everything around the small room other than him. He was clicking away at his computer.

“Did you graduate?” he asked.

“Yeah, I did. I actually work in this bakery, Too Tempting. Have you heard of it?”

“I have. I’ve not had the pleasure of tasting any of their fine food.”

She smiled. “You should come by. We have some great stuff.” Autumn cringed. Could she be any more obvious?

“Do you bake still?”

“That’s what I do. I bake. Hilary is an amazing boss. I love her.” Shut up.

“I remember you were good at it. All the cakes were what you created, right?”

“Yeah, they were.”

He sniggered. “I figured they weren’t Summer’s. She told me they were, but there’s no way she could bake. She couldn’t even toast bread.”

Autumn laughed. “She didn’t get the cooking or baking gene. It all came to me.” She patted her thighs. “Every single bit.”


“You look more than fine to me.” Carter stared at the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, and he had no choice but to sit at the computer table. He was hard as fucking rock. The desire to push the table out of the way and take her was so strong, he was finding it hard to concentrate. There had been a lot of women in his life, but then he liked to fuck, and the best way to be the best, was to practice.

“Yeah, right.”

“I don’t see a problem with a woman that’s got some meat on her bones, Autumn.” She had always been fuller, rounder, riper. Forcing himself to concentrate, he booked her car in, took the necessary details, and finally, turned his attention back to her. She was biting her lip, which tempted him so damn much. Her lips would look so good wrapped around his cock.

“Is it all done?”

“Yeah. I’ll get to this on Monday.”

“Monday? Ugh, can’t I like bring it back tomorrow? I really need my car.”

“Where you got to go?”

“It’s my parents’ anniversary, and I was supposed to be there to give some lousy speech, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve missed half of it. Summer’s already going to be a nag.”

He snorted. There was a lot about Summer he didn’t like, but he wasn’t about to share it with her sister. Besides, he’d spent over a year and a half with her, and he wasn’t proud of the reason why. Summer had simply been an easy lay, and at the time he’d not been interested in chasing after other women to get some. The one thing he’d learned with the year and half he was with her sister, was that while Autumn and Summer may have their issues, might fight, scream, and curse at each other, in the end, they were sisters, and no one came between that bond. Summer had even surprised him a few times when she’d protected her little sister.

“I’m afraid I can’t let that happen. Let me take you. I was heading out anyway. There’s no way I can let you take a car that is clearly in need.” And he’d love to have a few more minutes alone with Autumn. He’d not seen her in a long time.

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