My Savior(76)

By: Alanea Alder

Aiden heard Amelia snicker. "It was a metaphor."

Meryn shrugged again. That was her 'I don't care' shrug. "Whatever." She turned and headed toward the stairs.

Colton cleared his throat. "I'm no expert on spirits and the occult, but this is Keelan we're talking about. If by some miracle his soul did find it's way back to the Alpha Estate, Voodoo Meryn with a Ouija board doing incantations would scare him back the way he came."

"Denka, let me carry that for you." Aiden heard Ryuu's offer. Just once, he would like that damn squire to keep his mate out of trouble.

Aiden stood and was heading for the foyer when he heard knocking on the door.

"I'll get it!" Meryn yelled.

"Meryn stop. Let me answer it. It could be dangerous!" Aiden rushed forward, the other men and their mates behind him.

Meryn gave him an exasperated look. "Bad guys don't knock."

Heavy pounding on the door shook not only the doorframe but also the wall around it. Meryn swallowed and backed away from the door. "Okay, maybe they knock like that."

Aiden looked behind him. Colton had his gun out; he nodded at Aiden who turned back to the door and opened it. He looked out at the visitor. Unable to believe his eyes, he felt his stomach drop and his heart clench. It couldn't be.

Meryn flew by him to hug the stranger. "Keelan!"

Aiden pulled her back and shoved her behind him into Ryuu's arms.

"Aiden! What are you doing? That's Keelan!" Meryn said pounding on his back.

Behind him, Amelia gasped. "Kendrick?"

The man shoved back the hood to his cloak his eyes full of power and anger.

"Where is my brother?"

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