My First - Jason & Katie(8)

By: Melanie Shawn

All she wanted was oblivion, but she had never known oblivion could feel so sweet.

Then, new snippets of memory hit her. What had come next. The footsteps on the stairs. The panic that had flooded them, causing them to spring out of bed and begin the frantic dance of pulling on clothes at top speed.

Jason’s refusal to leave unless she promised to meet him, and her hurried acquiescence, lest they get caught. His rakish smile as he disappeared out her window.

Katie took a deep breath, steeling herself under the assault of memory. How had she gone for ten years and managed not to think about this? To think about that night…and that smile?

Especially considering it was the last time she had seen his face for ten years.

As soon as her mom and aunt had opened the door – about one millisecond after Jason’s head had disappeared from view through the window, thank God – Katie had turned around and, shell shocked, announced that she wanted to go and stay with Grandma May for the rest of the summer.

She had thrown some clothes in a bag, hopped in her cute little used VW bug, and was sleeping in her Grandma’s guest room by 1:00 in the morning.

Her mother brought the rest of her clothes the next weekend, and at the end of the summer she went off to college. She had never again set foot in Harper’s Crossing…until that afternoon.

She took in a deep breath. Now, here she was. Standing toe to toe with Jason. Trembling and trying to control her rapid heart rate.

Even in her heightened state, the irony was not lost on her that the very person who had sent her running off to Chicago all those years ago, scampering off out of Harper’s Crossing like a scared bunny…the very person she had stayed over 2,000 miles away from Harper’s Crossing all these years to avoid…that was the very first person she saw upon her return all these years later.

Okay, she told herself sternly. Pep talk time! Shake it off, Katie! No more avoiding this. It’s time to face your demons…pay the piper…walk the plank…cowboy up. IT’S GO TIME!

Take a deep breath, she reminded herself, and…TALK!

She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. She snapped it shut. She tried again. Same result. She imagined she looked like a trout on the banks of a river, flapping her mouth open and shut for no apparent reason.

The realization of how silly she must look gave her just the extra edge of courage she needed to jump off the cliff.

“Jason, I…I wanted to…I wanted to tell you that…” she steeled herself for what she knew her physical reaction would be as she forced herself to look up into those gorgeous brown eyes, which resembled nothing so much as pools of warm and melty milk chocolate…

The expression on Jason’s face when she raised her eyes brought her up short. She narrowed her eyes.

“Why do you look so smug?” she asked suspiciously.

Rather than answering, he smirked and bent down, putting his mouth right next to her ear. His hot breath assailed her neck and she began to feel light-headed again.

Wait…was this….OH NO! Panic attack #2 might be on the horizon.

Not in front of Jason, PLEASE, not in front of Jason, Katie begged the Universe. It seemed like the Universe must have more important things on its mind, however because - oh, lord. Now the shallow breathing was starting.

Jason’s breath on her neck, however, was anything but shallow. It was deep. And heavy. And warm. And full of desire. And…oh, man, that lightheadedness was just getting worse and worse.

Jason had her pinned up against the trunk of her car. Her mind was screaming at her to push him away and RUN as fast and as far as she could. Hey, it had worked in the past. Her body, however, was sending her some very different signals.

“I’m not smug, Kit Kat,” Jason informed her, his deep voice rumbling in his chest.

“Wha…huh…?” Katie mumbled.

Jason laughed lightly, “I was just saying that I’m not smug. Just happy to know that I still get under your skin.”

Katie didn’t respond. She didn’t even really hear what he said, she’d stopped trying to pay attention to the words. Stupid words. They just got in the way of listening to his voice…that silky, deep voice.

Jason traced his thumb down the back of Katie’s neck slowly, sensuously, and then continued across her shoulder and down her arm. When he reached her waist, he slipped his hand around her easily, spreading his fingers slowly and firmly, grasping her back with a familiarity that felt as dangerous as it did comforting.

His thumb began to gently massage the small of her back, sending sharp zings of electricity ping-ponging off of her nerve endings. She wanted to stop those little zings of pleasure in their tracks. She wanted to ignore, suppress, deny…anything!

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