My First - Jason & Katie(7)

By: Melanie Shawn

Katie had grown into the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. Standing five foot three, with a petite figure that had curves in all the right places, she still had incredible long blonde hair, and the most intoxicating blue eyes in existence.

And when he looked at her, he still saw his angel.

– ~ –

Unable to get control of her breathing, Katie closed her eyes. She still felt that she needed to say something to break this awkward silence, but she just wasn’t sure she could speak without croaking. Also, she wasn’t sure she even remembered what they were talking about.

What were they talking about again?

Oh, yeah.

“No, Jason, YOU always loved that nickname,” Katie retorted, her eyes sparking, “which always surprised me, because – as witty and creative as you claim to be – I would have thought you could come up with something just a little more original.”

She strove to keep her voice light and even, but she could hear the tension in it, as tight as a wire. She concentrated on keeping her breathing steady, on pulling her voice back into a tone that sounded as casual and nonchalant as if she were merely taking note of the weather, and not confronting Jason Sloan on the creation of that hyper-charged nickname.

She decided that this casual demeanor could be better effected if she avoided eye contact with him. One tiny glance in his direction convinced her that she was right. Her cheeks flushed and her breathing threatened to gallop out of control again.

Yep. No eye contact. No eye contact was definitely the way to go.


Katie stared across the street, determined that she absolutely was not going to get trapped. She was going to look anywhere but into those big, sexy, soulful eyes. Those eyes would immediately rip away any artifice and reveal the raw truth, pushing aside any mask that she attempted to wear – and that mask was, as of right now, the only thing hiding the evidence of the intense feelings washing over her, as strong as a tidal wave.

She didn’t need him looking directly into the gateway to her soul, thankyouverymuch. She was going to go ahead and keep those “tidal wave” feelings to herself.

Growing up, she had always thought Jason was really cute, sure. In a mischievous boy sort of way. But the specimen that stood before her now was no boy. No sirree. Nope. This was definitely a man. And the sexiest man Katie had ever been in the presence of, at that.

Brad Pitt, eat your heart out.

“Who said I came up with that nickname?” Jason asked with playful innocence coloring his voice. She knew that he knew exactly what he was doing. For some odd reason ruffling Katie’s feathers had always been his favorite pastime and he still knew exactly how to evoke the reaction he craved.

“Come on, seriously? Are you STILL going to deny it? Pathetic,” Katie’s voice wavered between irritation and frustration. It was clear that the topic was well-covered ground.

Instantly, Katie’s breathing returned to normal and her lightheadedness vanished. Hmmm. Guess you can’t be supremely annoyed and have a panic attack simultaneously, she mused. Good to know.

Now that she had indignation flowing through her veins like liquid lightening, she turned and tilted her face up to Jason’s, planning to continue her diatribe about his denial of the origin of the nickname, but immediately froze in her tracks.

Big mistake. ABORT!

Her first instinct had been correct. Note to self: avoid eye contact with Jason Sloan at all costs.

Katie realized in that moment that no matter how strong she felt going into it, eye contact with Jason would always be a supremely bad idea for a couple of reasons.

First, she didn’t want him to have any inkling of the powerful effect he was having on her body.

Second…well, let’s just say she was still feeling more than a little embarrassment and guilt about the way she had behaved the last time she had seen Jason.

It was the night of Nick’s funeral.

You know, Katie thought to herself, remember Nick? Your boyfriend? Jason’s best friend? Remember how Jason came over that night to check on your freaking wellbeing?

Yeah. She remembered. Oh boy did she remember.

Things had gotten a little out of control. A little…Katie felt a blush creep up her cheeks as she searched for just the right word.

Heated. Yes…heated.

They had gotten interrupted, but Katie had promised to meet him at the Dairy Queen at 8 am the next morning. She hadn’t. By the time 8 am rolled around, she had been sitting in her Grandma May’s sunny yellow kitchen, over 100 miles away.

Of course, Jason hadn’t known that. He’d only known that she didn’t show up.

Katie started to tremble as flashes of memory from that night began to assault her. Jason’s hands on her skin. His mouth on her neck. Her body filled passion as she willed the pleasure he was giving her to block out the pain…dear God, please…just to block out the pain.

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