My First - Jason & Katie(5)

By: Melanie Shawn

After the first recess, when the kids came back into the classroom, she saw a few of them standing around her chair laughing. As she walked up behind them to sit in her seat she saw that the ‘ie’ at the end of ‘Katie’ on the nameplate she had been so proud of had been crossed out, and the word ‘Kit’ had been written in front of the ‘Kat’ that remained of her original creation.

She was so embarrassed. Why would anybody ruin her name paper? She looked over to see her table buddy Jason (THE BOY!), smiling a toothless grin from ear to ear as he patted her chair “I think this is your seat, Kit Kat,” he said.

All the kids started laughing and Katie just slumped down in her chair, furious at her table buddy aka THE BOY aka Jason Sloan.

Jason never admitted to being the one who had defaced her beautiful rainbow colored name paper but she knew deep down in her heart that he was the culprit. And she would never forget it, just like no one ever forgot the nickname. From that day on Katie Lawson was Kit Kat. Well, to all the kids in Harper’s Crossing Elementary, anyways.

Present Day

His voice interrupted her thoughts now.

“Wow all this time and you know it’s me without even having to turn around. I guess that means I still got it,” he said with his usual cocky tone. A tone that had always amused Katie, not that she would ever let him know that. His ego was big enough!

Jason had had girls swooning over him for as long as she had known him. In fact, Katie believed that even their sixth grade math teacher Mrs. Carson had a crush on him. Whenever Jason would turn on the charm, usually to get out of detention for not completing his homework or being tardy, Mrs. Carson would just smile as her cheeks turned a light shade of red and say, “Oh, Jason if you were just 10 years older…”

Mrs. Carson never finished the sentence but Katie always knew what she meant, and Jason never got detention…at least in that class.

But, it’s not like his charm only worked on older women. Jason had always had girls eating out of his hand and he knew it. There wasn’t a single girl in Harper’s Crossing that wouldn’t do just about anything to get Jason’s attention.

Well, there was one girl. Katie.

“Oh yeah, you still got it, Mr. Sloan,” Katie said sarcastically, trying to buy herself even a few more seconds before she would have to face him, “If by ‘it’ you mean the maturity of a five year old, then yes, you definitely still have ‘it.’ There’s no other explanation for why you would still call me by that stupid nickname.”

All of the oxygen seemed to have disappeared around her. Deliberately and methodically, she slowly breathed in through her nose and out through her mouth, trying desperately to remain as calm as possible. She HAD to be calm in hopes of staving off panic attack #2. She absolutely couldn’t think about how humiliating it would be to fall to pieces in front of him, of the maddening satisfaction it would give him, or fear would take over – her heart would start to race, her breathing would quicken…and it would all be downhill from there.

“Come on Kit Kat…you know you always loved that nickname,” Katie heard Jason say playfully, but his voice sounded as if it were coming from a long distance, across a great expanse. She felt his hand grasp her arm, and then she felt her body being turned in his direction.

As Jason’s fingers wrapped around her arm they were causing tingling sensations in places located much lower south and not nearly as innocent as the place where he was touching her. Hmm, that wasn’t a very good sign. It also wasn’t doing a whole helluva lot to help her in the campaign to keep her heart rate under control and slow her breathing. Nope. Not one little bit.

As she turned, her eyes alighted on a broad chest that…oh my, yes…filled out his white t-shirt quite well. Her mouth instantly filled with saliva, like one of Pavlov’s dogs. Hmmm, she thought…so this is what they mean when they say something looks ‘mouth-watering.’ She didn’t disagree! In an effort to avoid drooling, she swallowed, but to her own ears it sounded like a shockingly loud gulp.

Slowly, Katie moved her eyes up the length of the solid, strong, statue-like figure standing mere inches away from her. She paused momentarily to admire (against her will) the smooth, olive skin at the base of Jason’s neck. It just so nicely contrasted with the stark white color of the t-shirt’s v-neck it was peeking out of, she couldn’t help herself!

Unconsciously, she licked her lips and saw the pulse on Jason’s neck jump. Her eyes darted up to meet his chocolate brown ones, which caused the aforementioned tingling places to start pulsing.

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