Midnight Bite(6)

By: Cynthia Eden

Love, you’re the entire main course.

Lark hopped off the bar and glared up at him. “I’m not looking for a war. First Charles, now you?”

She wasn’t looking for a war, but the paranormals out there would gladly start one. Her mother had done Lark a serious disservice by keeping so many secrets. “I’ll kill Charles the next time I see him. No other vamp will know your taste and live.” He jumped down and stood in front of her.

“Um…stop staring at my neck.”

Devereaux forced his eyes up.

“All right, it’s time for the countdown!” A human male’s voice rose over the noise as he continued, “Get ready for the big event! The countdown! Hold tight to the one you love—”

Devereaux pulled Lark against him. This had to be right. “Kiss me, and I’ll keep you safe from every monster out there.”

“Ten!” The humans shouted in unison.

“You are a monster,” Lark snapped back at him. Her emerald eyes shot sparks of fury at Devereaux. Gorgeous. Delectable.

He smiled. Flashed a little fang. “Oh, love, you wound me.”


“Not yet,” Lark assured him, “but when I have my stake in you, I will.”

Her threats were adorable.


But she needed to see the big picture. “Werewolves are hunting you. The beast outside was their scout. They’ll be closing in at any moment. You don’t want to fight a whole pack on your own.”


“And more vamps are after you. They won’t stop with a little drop like I did. I’m afraid they don’t have my self-control.” His control, after all, was the stuff of legend. Not once in his exceedingly long life had his self-control so much as fractured.


Lark stared up at him suspiciously. “Why are you helping me? Why am I supposed to trust you?”


Because you were meant for me. “You’ll pay me back. I’ll see to it. But for now, all I want is a kiss. So simple, isn’t it?” No, it wasn’t. It was just the beginning.


Tension coiled in his body. “You’re running out of time.” And he had to take a gamble. Devereaux took a step back from her. Tried to act like he didn’t care when he’d never cared about anything more. Because nothing had ever mattered more to him.

“Three!” The crowd was in a frenzy of excitement. Humans. What could you do? Bite them?

Lark’s beautiful gaze didn’t leave his face.

Devereaux cleared his throat. “You choose me, and I’ll protect you. All I need is a kiss for us to seal the bargain.” He shrugged. “Or you handle the wolves at the fucking door by yourself.”


She glared at him, and he wondered if her hatred for his kind was so strong that she would never—

Lark hurled herself at him. He caught her, lifted her up, and their mouths met just as—


The humans erupted. Blaring horns and shouts filled the air. He didn’t care. His arms locked around Lark, and his mouth took hers. Her lips were parted, perfectly open, and his tongue slipped inside. At the first taste, desire roared through his body, hardening his cock, making every muscle in his body tighten. He kissed her hard and deep, he took her mouth, he wanted to take everything. Devereaux pulled her closer, lifting her against him. Her mouth, her taste—perfect. What he’d wanted his whole, ever-so-long life.

She was what he’d wanted. What he’d always missed.

He could never be without her again.

Her breasts pressed to his chest. Her nipples were tight and hard, and she was having the same, intense reaction that he was. A primitive reaction. One that nature had dictated. She might not want to admit it, but she recognized him just as he recognized her. They were meant to be…





Lark tore her mouth from his. Her breath heaved in and out. Her stunned gaze searched his. “What…what was that?”

He smiled. “A kiss.”

Her tongue swiped over her lower lip. “It felt like more.”

It will be.

But then Lark blinked. “You’re carrying me.”

He shrugged and didn’t let her go. “Your legs are wrapped around me.”

“OhmyGod.” Red stained her cheeks. That was so cute. He hadn’t expected her to blush. Voice hushed, she added, “I just made out with a vampire. I’m in the middle of a bar, and I’m—” She broke off and shoved against him. “Put me down.”

He rather liked having her exactly where she was. No, actually, he’d prefer to rip her clothes away and then have her where she was. His cock shoved against her sex, and he wanted in. But…

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