Midnight Bite(10)

By: Cynthia Eden

“She didn’t tell you…more?” Devereaux finally prompted.

Lark shrugged. “Sorry. You weren’t a big topic of conversation at our house.”

He leaned forward.

She tensed.

“You need an ally.”

She needed to get the hell out of the limo. “I’m not looking to hurt the monsters out there. I’m just minding my own business. They need to leave me alone.”

“They won’t. They won’t stop until you’re dead. Your mother took too much from them. Some deserved what she did. Some didn’t.” He eased even closer to her. She had to strain to see his features clearly in the dark interior of the vehicle. “On your own, you’ll be dead.”

She wasn’t in the mood to die. “What are you offering?” And why?

“I’ve waited a very long time for you.” His fingers rose and slid down her cheek.

“Uh, okay.”

“You are not meant to die at the hands of wolves or coyotes or anything else.”

“Great to know.” His scent was nice. And when he got that close, her body felt a little shaky. A lot out of control. She thought of the kiss. A kiss that had absolutely incinerated her. She’d never felt a surge of desire that consuming.

Had to be a vamp trick.

“You are meant to rule.” He cupped her cheek. “At my side.”

“Wait—what?” She’d gotten a little distracted and had missed a bit of what he’d said. “Did you just say—”

“I will keep you safe from every threat out there. But there is a price. You have to rule with me. Become my bride. No paranormal creature would dare to touch you once we are bound together.”

Breathing was a little hard. “You just asked me to marry you.”


“Are you crazy?” He must be. Delusional vamp. Figured. “I’m the daughter of a monster hunter. Monster hunters don’t marry vamps. They kill each other! There is no freaking way I’m meant to rule over the vamps my mom told me I was always supposed to kill!” Was her voice getting too high? A wee bit hysterical? Well, it was that kind of night.

And Lark realized that she wasn’t cold any longer. Not cold at all. In fact, she was starting to feel a bit too warm. Her breath came faster, heaving in and out, as her heart raced. “I don’t feel so good.”

His fingers trailed down her throat. “He should never have tasted you. I was the one who planned to introduce you to our world.”

“I-I want you to stop the car.” So what if they weren’t close to her place? She needed out. Like, right the hell then. Something was wrong. Her skin had started to burn. “Now.”

He didn’t stop the car. A fire coursed in her veins as Lark lunged forward. She shoved open the car door, letting cool air rush inside and bathe her overheated skin.

“Don’t! You’ll hurt yourself!” His arms wrapped around her, pulling her back against him.

His touch made the fire so much worse. Her whole body shuddered. She couldn’t draw in a deep enough breath, and her heart felt as if it was about to gallop right out of her chest. Heart attack? Was she actually having a heart attack?

“You have to trust me,” Devereaux told her.

Trust a vamp? Um, never!

“I need to bite you. Charles triggered your body, and that’s why you’re hurting right now.”

Triggered? What in the heck did that mean?

“Let me bite you, and I can make the pain stop.”

“Like…I’m going to fall…for that line.”

“Dammit, Lark! I’m not here to hurt you! I’m here to help you.” Then he banged on the privacy screen that separated them from the driver. “Stop the freaking limo, Helsing! Lark is hurting!”

Hurting. Burning from the inside out, same thing, wasn’t it?

The limo screeched to a stop. She tore herself from Devereaux’s arms and jumped out of the vehicle. She stumbled to the side of the road even as snow drifted down on her. The snowbank was thick near the road’s shoulder, and the snow falling on her felt like heaven against her hot skin. Lark tilted her head back, spread her arms, and let the cold sweep over her.

She just had to get cool. Had to slow her racing heart. Had to get her shit together.

“Lark.” His voice was low and deep and her eyes opened. She really wasn’t sure when she’d closed them.

“It’s only going to get worse. The heat that you feel. The burn. You need my bite to soothe you.”

Bullshit. His bite wouldn’t do anything but make her worse. “Bites aren’t s-supposed to do this.” Something was wrong. Very, very wrong.

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