Miami Bodyguard (Kendall Family Book 5)(7)

By: Jennifer Ann

Grunting with frustration over the whole situation, I begin to rub my temples in tandem. Now I have another excuse to hate this new jerk-off boyfriend. What else has Angie been through since selling her soul to Hollyweird? Are money and fame worth all this? If I had my way, I’d drag her back to Minnesota right this minute to get her far away from all the bullshit.

Then again, I don’t have anything enticing to offer. My house is old as shit and in dire need of repair. I’m not around nights and weekends. I haul grain for her brother Hunter in the fall to make ends meet. There’s nothing about my life that could even begin to compete with the glitz and glam of her career. Does she really get off on that shit? Considering she was in a hurry to get off the farm after graduation, I’d bet the answer is a solid yes.

“Where is she now?” I ask.

“On set,” Evelyn explains with a huff. “She won’t be done until late tonight. The hours she keeps are insane—sometimes they go over fifteen in a day. If you agree to this, we’d want you to pick her up and drop her off so we don’t have to worry about her falling asleep behind the wheel.”

They wouldn’t have to ask me twice. Pisses me off that anyone would let her drive after that long of a day. “Does she know I’m here? Why I’m here?”

Charlie’s shoulders lift. “She was with us when her agent suggested we hire someone. I told Angie I’d take care of the details. She seemed okay with it.”

That’s fucking great. Can’t wait to ambush her. I throw a weary glance in Evelyn’s direction, the rage coiled in my gut beginning to simmer. No way I can stay angry at a pregnant woman. “You could’ve at least given me a heads up when you called.”

“Sorry.” She flashes a guilty smile, almost wincing in defeat. “Didn’t seem like something you tell someone over the phone.”

Charlie nods while stroking his wife’s belly. “Figured we’d get you down here first to see if you’re up for the job. If you want it, it’s yours. I’ll fly you back home to make whatever arrangements necessary to stay down here indefinitely. The going rate for bodyguards these days is highly lucrative. Dante just bought a condo in Cabo. I’d pay you five times what you make bartending in addition to setting you up with a unit next door to hers.”

Looking out to the fleet of boats bobbing in the water, I release a heavy sigh. There isn’t a damn thing holding me back from his offer. I have no doubt I’d make more as a bodyguard than selling $3 beers to the local drunks who don’t tip for shit, and the idea of moving somewhere warm is more than mildly appealing. If I didn’t have to worry about rent, I could save up for something that matters.

Not only is it past time Angie’s siblings paid real attention to what’s going on in her life, I welcome the idea of getting closer to her. Although I wouldn’t go as far as saying I had a crush on her back in the day, I was able to appreciate her beauty, and considered her to be extended family of sorts. It’s impossible to ignore my strong attraction to the gorgeous woman she’s become over the years. Hell, sounds like half the country feels the same.

But how will I handle seeing her running around with this actor prick? Would there be times I’d have to stand around and watch them get it on for the camera? Will he be with her 24/7? For all I know, they’re living together. Just imagining him touching her makes my blood sear.

Fuck. I already know I’m going to take the job regardless of whatever bullshit I have to put up with. If she needs help, I’ll make sure she gets it. If I find out this guy is treating her badly, I’ll be more than happy to send him on his way.

I meet Evelyn’s hopeful gaze. “What made you guys decide to offer the job to me? I mean, we all know I’m ideal for this kind of thing since I’ve been fighting for years, and it’s not like I’m living the high life back home. But what made you think I’d be interested?”

From behind her glass of water, her lips bend with a coy smile. “It was Hunter’s idea. He knew you’d take the job.”

Lifting my mojito to my mouth, I suck the rest of it down in one gulp. Should’ve known that fucker would rat me out. I never told him how I felt about her, but it must’ve been obvious the way I’m always asking how she’s doing, and what she’s up to.

I only hope Angie doesn’t flip her shit when she’s ambushed with her sister and brother-in-law’s plan.



Coming back to the set a few days after the premiere proves to be brutal, even though everyone’s still in high spirits after the success of release week. Between my takes, two of the other leading actors work out a complicated scene that involves extensive special effects in post-production, making the day painfully tedious. As much as I’m unable to focus, I’m thankful for the free time. I don’t need anyone on my ass about not meeting fan expectations.

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