Megan's Mark(8)

By: Lora Leigh

Bullets ricocheted off the shield as they passed, a second before she saw the first body fall.

"One down." She let off the trigger, throwing herself against the seat as Braden threw the vehicle into another turn for the second pass.

"Second one is on the run. There he is." Rather than pulling up the heat-seeking radar on the windshield, he pointed to where a shadow moved along a crevice at the top of the wall. "Are you going to wound or wipe?'Kill or capture.

"Wound. I want answers." She pulled her own weapon free. "Let's roll."

Exhilaration pumped through her as the tires bit into the ground and the vehicle shot down the expanse of the gully.

She aimed, watching the laser sight on the weapon carefully.

"Get your eyes off that damned light." Braden snarled. "Use your gut.

Let it tell you when to shoot. Those laser guides are for sissies."

She licked her dry lips nervously, took a deep breath and watched the assailant as he ran. She lifted the weapon a bit higher than the sight called for, letting her senses explode, reaching out to the weapon as her Navajo grandfather had taught her to rather than depending on the sights as her training had.

She fired the first shot, cursing silently as the bullet bounced away harmlessly just above her target's head.

Quickly adjusting, she fired again, twice in rapid succession, and watched with a sense of satisfaction as the sniper shooting at her fell.

"Get ready." The Raider turned, slammed to a stop, and Braden exploded from the vehicle to secure him.

"Darnmit, that was dirty pool." Megan raced out behind him. "I took him down, I get to cuff him."

A roar exploded from Braden's throat as he struggled with the assailant, who was growling with feral intensity. She stood back in shock, homfied as she watched the curved fangs flash at the side of the assailant's mouth a second before they sank into Braden's shoulder.

Braden's fist slammed into the side of his head, a furious roar leaving his chest as wicked, long canines were revealed by the animalistic snarl on

his lips.

They were both Breeds.

Suddenly, the man who had been her co-conspirator in adventure was a primal, unknown threat. Discounting the fact that Braden seemed to know Lance, she couldn't be certain that even her cousin knew the man she faced now.

Shock transfixed her as she backed away, eyes wide, weapon raised.

Braden's fist landed in the undefended underbelly of the shooter, taking his breath before Braden landed another hard blow to the face and then delivered an incapacitating strike to the vulnerable neck.

It was powerful enough to knock the other man unconscious. Powerful enough to send a pulse of terror pounding through her as she flipped her mic down. She reactivated he receiver at her ear as she leveled her weapon on Braden. He was powerful enough that the next blow he was drawing back for might very well kill the only thing alive capable of telling her what had happened here.

"Step away from him," she ordered, raising her voice above the animalistic growl rumbling from his chest. It would have been sexy if it didn't sound so damned dangerous. "Now."

She couldn't afford to trust him. She couldn't sense Braden, couldn't read him as she could others. And suddenly, she wasn't so certain that he wasn't the enemy as well.

"Megan? Megan? Is that you? Thank God!" Lance was screaming in her ear. "We're headed your way in a private chopper, ETA five minutes.

What's your situation?"

She ignored his frantic questions.

"I thought you liked to live dangerously?" The canines flashed again as a growl rumbled from Braden's chest and he began to walk toward her.

Megan fired at his feet, causing him to come to a dead stop as he stared back at her in surprise. His brow lifted mockingly.

"I wouldn't come any closer if I were you," she warned him firmly.

He flipped his rnic down.

"Lance, your girl doesn't want to believe I'm one of the 1 good guys.

Reassure her, huh?"

Braden was laughing. The son of a bitch was staring at her and laughing.

No anger, no rage, no desire for retaliation against her. "Sometime before she puts a hole in my toe." She aimed higher. "Or somewhere

more important."

She felt his amusement. It eased around her like a caress as she breathed in deeply, forcing herself to release the edge of calm she had allowed herself to tap into. His calm.

"Do you two think this is fun and games time?" Lance was screaming as the sound of the chopper coming in from the distance could be heard.

"Megan, if you shoot him, I'm going to tan your hide for sure. You'll never get out of booking. Do you hear me? Pull back, dammit."

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