Max's Redemption(78)

By: L. Wilder

The more I fought, the more tangled in the blanket I became. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest, and as the worst part of the dream began to unfold I became even more frightened, even more desperate to wake up. I could hear their laughter behind the door and their footsteps as they got closer to my room. I tried to break free from my restraints, but it was just no use. They were coming. They came over and over again… none of them willing to help me. I thrashed to my side and ended up rolling off the edge of the bed. With a loud thump, I landed face first on the floor. I groaned as I tried to pull myself free of the covers, but I was wound too tight. Shit. With a final jerk of my elbows, I freed myself. I lifted myself up onto my knees and tried to shake it off.

Taking a deep breath, I wiped the sweat from my forehead and stood. I needed something cold to drink and to get out of the confines of that room. I had no idea what time it was, so I tiptoed down the hallway towards the kitchen. As soon as I stepped into the living room, I spotted Nathan’s blue eyes staring at me. With a concerned look he asked, “Is everything okay?”

I cleared my throat and continued towards the kitchen. “Everything’s fine. I just wanted to get something to drink.” After opening a couple of cabinets, I finally found the glasses. I filled up a tall glass of water and headed back into the living room. I had two choices: I could bite the bullet and sit down next to him, or I could go back to my room and face the nightmares. I’d like to say it was an easy decision, but my nerves were completely shot. I wasn’t sure I was prepared to handle the riotous effect he had on me. It was a risk I was willing to take. I sat down next to him and asked, “You couldn’t sleep either?”

“Nah.” He eyed me with a hint of annoyance as he tried to focus on the TV.

“Whatcha watching?” I asked, determined not to be banished to my bedroom.

He waited for the characters to stop speaking before he replied. “G.O.T.” I stared blankly at him. “You know, the show with the dragons?”

“Um… can’t say that I do,” I replied, confusion clouding my face.

“You’re missing out. It is pretty addictive.”

I looked at the screen to see a beautiful blonde in medieval clothing ordering an execution. The smile on her face was a bit terrifying. She didn’t look like anyone you’d want to screw with. “Who’s that?”

“The queen. She has a thing for killing anyone who fucks with her or her kids.”

“Sounds like some women I know.”

“No, trust me. You don’t know anyone like this chick.” I sat back and watched for a few minutes. The room was completely dark except for the television screen. It was cute to see the different expressions on Nathan’s face as he watched the action unfold. He was clearly way more into it than he’d let on. When a dashing blond knight came on screen, Nathan groaned. “This motherfucker.”

“Who’s that?”

“Her brother,” he answered, giving me the side-eye.

“Uh-huh. And who’s that?”

“Just watch. You’ll see.”

“But…” I started.

“Trust me. Just watch.” I had more questions than I had answers, but it was clear I was bugging the hell out of him. I continued to watch the insanity on the screen, and I started to get kind of hooked.

Suddenly, I whacked Nathan on the arm. “Hold on. I thought you said that’s her brother!”

“He is,” he said with a smirk. His eyes were fixed on me as the scene unfolded.

“Are… are they? No…wait. No. Oh my god, Nooooooo! What in the hell?”

“Told ya,” he snickered. The way he looked at me with his mischievous grin and a sparkle in his eye made my heart melt.

“Ewwwwww!” I turned to him with feigned disgust. “You sicko.”

He laughed, and suddenly he looked years younger. “This shit is good! Now do what I said and just watch .”

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