KON (Trassato Crime Family Book 2)(76)

By: Lisa Cardiff

“Baby girl.” She slid her arm across the table and grabbed my hand. “You didn’t hurt me. I see how much you love each other, and there is nothing I want more than for you to be loved, cherished, and happy. I’m so proud of you. You never gave up. You’ve had your dreams snatched away so many times, and you kept going. You kept fighting for what you wanted even when we thought we knew better.”

“Then you approve of us? Of Kon?”

“Carmela, I love you, and I love Kon even though I don’t know him very well because he makes you so happy. Happier than I’ve ever seen you.”

“He does. More than you know.”

Kon slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me against him. “I love you, solnyshka.”

“I love you too.”

I meant it. I never thought I’d love anyone like I loved Rocco, and in some ways I was right. I’d always hold my memories of Rocco next to my heart. While he played an important part in shaping my life, I stopped whitewashing all the cracks in our relationship. I forgave him for being unfaithful and myself for the harsh last words we shared, and with forgiveness I found peace and love.

My love for Kon was different, and in a lot of ways, bigger and stronger. We were older and knew what we wanted out of life. We didn’t keep secrets from each other, and yes, sometimes his world scared me because in the world of organized crime—Russian, Italian, or any other—there was no security and no guarantees. I learned that firsthand, and I was fine with it. We lived by our rules, and we’d be okay provided we never stopped fighting for each other and our love.

Gian raised his champagne glass. “To the happy couple.”

I lifted my glass of sparkling cider and Kon tapped his against mine and whispered in my ear, “To our happy family.”



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Thanks much for picking up this book. I had so much fun writing it and weaving all my crazy ideas together with the help of some really great people:

Amy Bustard for reading this book and brainstorming with me.

Chris for helping me with dialogue.

Felicia A. Sullivan for editing this book and giving me valuable, honest opinions.

All of my relatives. I hope you aren’t offended I continue to steal names from our family tree.

Limitless Publishing for being so accommodating.

And of course, to all the readers, bloggers, and reviewers who took the time to read this book. Your support and feedback make all the time staring at my computer screen worthwhile! Next up, Emilia's story.

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