Justice (Creed Brothers #1)(9)

By: K.C. Lynn

The tip of his cock nudges my entrance seconds before he pushes all the way in, slowly but painfully breaching the barrier that’s never been broken.

My back bows off the bed, lips parting as all the air is stolen from my lungs in one fluent motion.

“Jesus.” The curse flees from Justice, his muscles straining beneath his skin as he stills deep inside of me. So many emotions reflect back at me, emotions I can’t name. Ones I have never seen on him before. “Okay?” the one word is gritted out between clenched teeth.

I nod, even though I’m far from okay. I’m worried what I’ve done to my heart. Feeling him like this, giving this part of myself to him, I fear I’ve just lost what little I had left.

He now owns every part of me.

His fingers grip my hips and he begins thrusting inside of me with slow, deep strokes, filling my body and my heart. It’s tender, a little painful, and sadly, also distant. The strong emotion in his eyes does not convey his actions right now and even though this is just sex, I want more of him.

My eyes never leave his as I reach out for him. “Come here. I want your skin on mine.”

His thrusts falter, a look of panic flashing across his face before that shield of armor slams down around him. Swallowing hard, he slowly, and with a good amount of uncertainty, lowers himself on top of me, his hard body colliding with my soft one.

It steals my breath and feeds my soul. My arms wrap around his tense back as I hug him close. He remains still, his warm breath fanning the side of my neck.

“Let me have a part of you that no one else has had,” I plead, knowing I’m pushing it but I can’t seem to help myself. I need something to hold onto when this is over.

“I already have.” The words are barely a whisper, so quiet I wonder if I misheard him. Before I have time to ponder it, he braces himself above me and begins moving.

The mattress shifts with our weight, headboard hammering against the wall as he drives into me hard and deep, taking what he wants and giving me more than my heart can handle.

Most girls get candlelight and roses for their first time, I get Justice Creed and I love every second of it.

“This what you want, Ryanne? To fuckin’ ruin me?” he asks, voice rough.

“Yes.” It’s only fair since he ruined me from the moment he came to town.

His expression softens and I’m rewarded with one of his sexy smirks. “Well, I guess that makes two of us.” He closes the remaining distance between us, his lips descending on mine. His thrusts never falter as he claims every inch of my body, hard and savage, with no apology.

I ingrain every long minute of this into my heart, loving the way his sweaty skin slides against mine. I absorb it all until I can hold off no longer.

He latches onto one of my nipples, teeth gripping the tender flesh in a painful bite. The sensation shoots straight to my clit, drowning me in fiery pleasure. My nails dig into his shoulders, clawing at his sweat-dampened skin as a cry pours from my lips.

“That’s my girl. Come, Ryanne. I want this tight little pussy soaking my cock.”

The orgasm is strong and he’s determined to drag it out with every angle of his hips against mine, pumping into me a few more times before he groans out his own pleasure and collapses on top of me.

I hug him close, relishing in the warm feel of his naked body. He lifts his face, his eyes penetrating mine in the shadows of his room. Silence remains between us but it speaks louder than words ever could.

He looks different in this moment. More soft than hard. More vulnerable than confident. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear he’s scared, but nothing scares Justice Creed.

He drops his lips on my forehead, giving me a hard kiss before shifting his weight off me and reaching over for a cigarette on his nightstand.

Feeling cold without his body heat anymore, I grip the sheet and pull it up to cover my breasts. My eyes drift to the bedroom door that’s slightly ajar and every part of my body stills, including the air in my lungs. There, I find a shadow lingering in the doorway. The darkness hides his face but his presence is undeniable. Just as quickly as I spot him, he’s gone, making me wonder if I just imagined what I saw.

“Come here, Ryanne.”

I return my attention to Justice, annoyance coursing through me at the demand. “Has anyone ever told you you’re bossy?”

A beautiful smile tilts his lips as he takes a long pull of his cigarette. “A few people.” He exhales the cloud of smoke, obviously not caring.

I push up to lie next to him, unsure of how close to get until he bands an arm around my back, reeling me in flush against his side. Smiling, I rest my head on his chest, loving the sound of his strong heartbeat.

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